Documill Discovery

Single search for all your document and data storages.



Salesforce, Confluence, Jira, Google Drive, Google Storage,, Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon S3, Amazon S3 API compatible services, DreamObjects, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft SharePoint, Windows File Shares

Stop searching, start finding!

An integrated search solution that quickly finds the vital information across many repositories. Works in the cloud and behind the company firewall. Used by organizations who use or provide access to multiple data systems on daily basis. Delivered as a SaaS, on-premise or cloud-based.

Why use Documill Discovery? 


Connect all your data systems under one search

Search all your company’s services and systems at once

Finding is easy and fast

Find the most relevant results reliably

Reusing existing information is effective

Right tools to leverage existing content removes unnecessary need to re-create documents

Key capabilities

Connectivity with cloud services and on-premise data soures

Access and use all your content through one search system

Capability to pinpoint most relevant search results

Leverage advanced features: Full text search, highlights, page-by-page previews, and versatile filters help a user to find exactly right documents and pages quickly


Discovery will evolve as your company does, new systems can be added and old ones removed smoothly

Videos, presentation & screenshots

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Editions and Pricing

Download Discovery

Download Discovery at the Download Discovery at Salesforce App Exchange, Atlassian Marketplace or Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

For feature description, see table below.

Salesforce AppExchange

  • Salesforce logo

Atlassian Marketplace

  • Confluence logo

Oracle Cloud Marketplace

  • MS SharePoint logo
  • Visual search results, high-quality online visual previews of the documents
  • Full text search for all the content
  • Powerful filters to narrow down results
  • Search result optimization: Stemming, case independence or dependence, compound word splitting, synonym library, etc.
  • Search from cloud services and content behind firewall
  • Fast and convenient way to offer mobile access to large documents
  • Users are authenticated using existing identity management systems e.g. Active Directory
  • Access to previews and data follows the access rights of the source system
  • Works with hundreds of different content types including intranet pages wikis and texts inside Microsoft PowerPoint™, Excel™, Word™ and PDF documents
  • Built around Apache Solr, the industry leading open source search engine
  • Wide support for various content repositories and data sources