Documill Dynamo Revolutionize the way you communicate with your customers

About Documill Dynamo

Documill Dynamo is a service for composing, formatting, personalizing and distributing documents needed for effective sales and marketing communications. It marries the de-facto productivity tool Microsoft Office with various online CRM solutions and other data sources.

Documill Dynamo enables composition of custom-tailored sales documents such as quotations, policies, statements, invoices, confirmation letters, and kinds of marketing materials by combining CRM data with publishing templates. Composed documents are typically personalized, contain multiple pages, rely on the latest available data, enforce corporate branding with high fidelity visuals, and are created either on-demand or as part of a larger batch run.

Access to Online Services from Microsoft Office

Access various document-hosting online services straight from Microsoft Office. Supports improved document discovery, versioning and document-level access controls.

Centrally-managed Document Creation Process

Use the latest document templates and up-to-date data sources when producing customer-facing documents. Access the latest cloud-based CRM services, query data from them, and select publishing template from centralized libraries to compose and distribute new documents according to predefined work flows.

Seamlessly Integrated with CRM

When automating document-based customer communication processes, Documill Dynamo binds together your preferred CRM solution and Microsoft Office, offering the best possible productivity for your users.

Create Smart Customer-facing Processes

Assign custom logic to document-related events. Update document objects and create new records upon pre-defined events. Collect user input during the document composition process through custom-tailored forms.

Fragment-based Document Re-use

Do you want to improve bid teams' productivity? Document fragments are new approach to manage complex bids. Create and maintain your own library of reusable phrases, paragraphs and content objects. Use metadata for classifying and searching fragments from MS Office tools.

Excellent Back-End Connectivity

Connect any Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system through standard-embracing APIs. Collect data from multiple different sources and objects within, and then selectively merge it before using in document automation.

Documill Dynamo ties together Microsoft Office, online CRM solutions, and other back-end systems via XML interfaces. Users can access cloud services straight from Microsoft Office applications, relying on their favorite productivity tools for advanced template design, fragment-based document authoring, multi-user document management, and visual content discovery.