Documill Explorer Access your legacy content from cloud services

Documill Explorer

Empower Your Cloud Services with Documill Explorer

Bridge the legacy documents residing within your intranet with your cloud-based applications. The embedded Documill Explorer will provide you with a unified experience for accessing and searching both cloud and legacy content — helping them discover content that is distributed across different content repositories (NFS, SharePoint, CMIS, etc.)

Embedded Documill Explorer for Cloud Services

You can finally store and transfer content effortlessly across different content repositories. Explorer provides you with a new approach to managing distributed content. You can quickly make your legacy documents selectively visible, accessible and shareable with others.

Organize Your Cloud Files

Move and manipulate your files just like you do in Windows File Explorer. You can access content repositories with your web browser the same way that you can view shared drives in Windows.

Access them all through one UI

With Documill Explorer you can access multiple content repositories simultaneously; organizing and manipulating files between cloud storages and file shares has never been this easy!

Integrated Document Viewing

You can view documents online using just your web browser — there is no need to download them to your computer so that they could be opened with a third-party application. Through Explorer's user interface, you can extract document pages, compose new documents and share them with others.

Your legacy content is valuable! There are always documents outside the current application that are needed to accomplish a given task. Documill Explorer makes them selectively visible and usable to other people within your organization.

Supported content repositories

  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Google Docs/Drive
  • Amazon Cloud Drive
  • Windows File Shares
  • Any CMIS compliant repository
  • Apache JackRabbit and other JSR-170 compliant repositories

Supported authentication schemes

  • NTLM / Microsoft Active Directory
  • Kerberos
  • Google
  • Salesforce
  • ...and many other cloud storage services

Documill Explorer helps you organize and discover documents stored in multiple network and cloud repositories using just your web browser.