Documill Visual Search Fast verification of search result relevancy

Documill Visual Search — Summary

Documill Visual Search is a compelling suite of applications relying on the capabilities of Documill Preview Server. Depending on the configuration, Documill Visual Search includes solutions for previewing, viewing, sharing and re-using documents.

Documill Visual Search - Applications

Search Result Set Previewers

  • See what you have found without having to download documents
  • Get an overview of your findings before drilling into the ones that look most promising
  • The fastest way to the pages that matter most

Document Viewers

  • No need to download and open documents with third party viewers; use your browser instead
  • A secure way to view documents that might contain harmful payloads
  • The most efficient way into the content

Page Composer

  • Mark pages you have found and share your findings with others — collaborative search is here!
  • Create new documents from pages you have found
  • Organize your findings in collections

Documill Visual Search helps you identify the most relevant search results quickly. It gives you an immediate access to page-level previews of Microsoft Office and PDF documents. You can view documents online before making the decision to download them to your computer.

Documill Visual Search is a server-side Java solution that can be offered as a hosted service or deployed next to existing Enterprise Search (ES) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems.

Documill Visual Search integrates seamlessly with many established ES and ECM systems; the user interface acts as the integration point. Because Documill Visual Search is equipped with a browser-based viewer for every imaginable use case, users/you will have immediate access to the supported document formats without having to install browser plug-ins or other third party applications.

We are currently deploying Documill Visual Search in a production setting, having been extremely impressed with its capabilities in an earlier pilot.

Documill Visual Search is a natural partner to enterprise search. It operates intuitively, transparently and efficiently; generating high quality page renditions that radically enhance a user’s ability to positively identify documents of interest - documents that they may well overlook in the absence of vital visual clues.

- Andrew, from a large aerospace company