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25 Reasons to Go to Dreamforce

As the event of the year draws up closer, the excitement builds up. You may not have packed your bags yet, but it’s not long to go until Dreamforce’16 kicks off in San Francisco and as to celebrate this, we decided to put together a list of reasons to go to Dreamforce. So here you go, 25 reasons why you should visit Dreamforce.

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1. The keynotes. In what other event do you have access to such renowned keynote speakers? Don’t miss out on the big ones, but look out for the smaller sessions too as the quality of these is exceedingly high.

2. The training. Keep up with the latest developments in your area and pick up new skills with the Dreamforce classes.

3. Perfect the customer experience. At the heart of any successful business, learn how to create more personalised customer service interactions and boost the customer experience.

4. Become a Salesforce Certified Admin. What a better souvenir to bring back from Dreamforce than a shiny new certification to demonstrate what you already know and have experience of as a Salesforce Administrator?

5. The inspiration. Nothing beats the inspiration you get from spending time with like-minded individuals who each have their own success story to share.

6. Connect with your network. With the biggest Salesforce event of the year, you are sure to find some familiar faces in the crowds. Dreamforce is a great time to organise those catch ups and say hi to the people you already know.

7. Grow your network. It’s not at all only about the people you know, but the people you’re yet to meet. Growing your network at the various events during Dreamforce is easy and most importantly, fun.

8. Grasp the importance of analytics. Look out for sessions around analytics and learn how to use this insight to grow your business.

9. Take a selfie with SaaSy. A selfie with this dreamy mascot is a great picture to send to your colleagues (and boss).

10. The Learnings. These offer executives an opportunity to learn how to drive transformation and how other businesses have succeeded with Salesforce.

11. A chance to see Melinda Gates and Mark Benioff share their insight and knowledge. You’re guaranteed to leave inspired.

12. The local restaurants. San Francisco has a huge variety of local restaurants so whatever cuisine you fancy; you are bound to find an excellent restaurant serving just that.

13. The Golden Gate Bridge. Yes, you’ll be spending a lot of time at Moscone Centre, but the great thing about Dreamforce is that you can easily extend your stay with a couple of nights and see San Francisco. The Golden Gate Bridge is not to be missed.

14. The Giants. Watch baseball at the AT&T Park with 43,000 others and see the San Francisco Giants at their home stadium.

15. The U2. Dreamforce is known for its headliners and in 2016, the U2 will be playing at the event.

16. To do a good deed. Dreamforce supports giving back and there will be numerous opportunities for you to give back. Make a difference and do a good deed.

17. The Cloud Expo. As this is the biggest event of the year, you’re sure to find that the Cloud Expo won’t let you down. Find new technology and future-proof your business with the latest solutions.

18. The atmosphere. The atmosphere is strikingly energetic and inspiring, perfect for start making those changes in your work that help you succeed.

19. The team building. Engage your team by taking them to Dreamforce and watch the magic happen when people learn and get inspired together.

20. The parties. There will be plenty of evening events going on and they are bound to be stellar so look out for both events organised by Salesforce and others.

21. Meet the industry leaders. With the size and scope of the event, you will find many of the industry leaders at the event and you’ll have a chance to grab them throughout the week.

22. Get ideas for where the industry is heading. Keep up with the trends and get insight onto what’s next for SaaS players across different industries.

23. The fun. Even though it is a business event, it is framed by the emphasis on fun. From the parties to selfies with SaaSy, it is going to be fun.

24. New features. Find out what’s new during the event and be among the first ones to try out some of the new Apps, features and more.

25. The Developer Zone. With over 25,000 people from all around the world gathering together, a great place to brush up your skills and learn about the latest innovations.


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