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3 Ways Advanced Search Can Enhance Customer Service

Thanks to technology, businesses have an abundance of customer data available, creating the possibility for offering excellent customer service. But what are the obstacles in utilising all your customer data and producing that great customer experience?

A lot of the issues stem from problems related to search when not all customer data is stored in one place. The good news is, however, that you can implement an advanced search app, which offers a single point search for all customer data regardless of where it is stored giving you the chance to offer your customer the experience they deserve.

In this article, we look at how advanced search can enhance customer service by creating a better experience for the customer, but also making the job of your customer support team more efficient, increasing the ROI of your customer support.

1. Better customer experience

In the era of self-service, customers don’t want to waste time waiting on the other end of the line, whether phone or live chat, for their questions to be answered. So the faster you can offer the correct solution or answer, the better your customers will feel about the service you give to them.

Advanced search allows customer service reps to discover any customer related information, regardless of where it is stored, in a single view. Say, a customer calls in about a broken product, your team will be able to search the customers’ CRM data, any historical tickets from JIRA and any contracts stored in the Intranet in a single view, without having to conduct a manual search on each service separately. This makes the process significantly faster for both parties.

2. Increased productivity

Advanced search allows your teams access the relevant information in seconds. From a preview of the search results to powerful filters, the search results can be drilled down to easily identify the required information.

This increased speed of accessing documents has a significant impact on productivity. Your teams have time to serve more customers in less time, really enhancing the experience for both your customers and your teams.

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3. Enablement of customer self-service portals

If there’s anything you can do to offer brilliant customer support, it is to enable a self-service portal where customers aren’t reliant on your business hours to get support. Simply put, the better such portal succeeds in solving your customers’ problems, the better the customer experience. But this only works as long as the portal offers genuine value and help to solve an outstanding problem.

At the heart of such portal is the search function and the search engine which ensure that all the relevant data and documents are available in a user-friendly format. An advanced search app, such as Documill Discovery, enables this by connecting different services into a fast-to-use single point search including document previews, powerful filters, and different user right levels.

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