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3 Ways Document Automation in Salesforce Shortens the Sales Cycle

Successful sales teams work smart and utilize technology in doing so but how do you free yourself from the administrative sales work and release more time to meet prospects? The answer is simple, by automating the creation of all your sales documents; that’s right all of them.

1. Automating the creation of customized sales presentations will save you hours

Every sales person knows that giving customized sales pitches to prospects is the way to go. However, creating slide decks can take hours of mixing and matching existing materials.

The good news is that there is an App for Salesforce, that allows creating personalized sales presentations with a minimum effort: Documill Dynamo.

It allows you to have a PowerPoint template for a sales presentation and generating a deck for each prospect in few minutes with a single click in Salesforce. By determining dynamic slides on the template, the information is pulled directly from the prospect’s Salesforce record and can contain their information, some predefined slides discussing the problems based on their industry, product descriptions based on the suggested solution for them etc. For more customization, you can add more pre-created slides from the Slide Library to the deck.

2. Proposal / Offer: The offer knows what to reveal and when

The common challenge for businesses in creating proposals and offers is how to maintain branding consistency and the best practices in offer creation.

A persuasive offer has to satisfy 2 fundamental requirements of (1) easy-to-follow and eye-catching layout which is consistent with organizational branding; (2) having the content that a customer wants, such as:

  • Product description or a specification of an opportunity product
  • The benefits of a solution to customers
  • Service terms and conditions

Standardizing a proposal will make your quoting process faster, but how do you do this without losing the personalized elements? A tool that does more than just simply merge Salesforce fields into a template is something you should be looking at. A good document automation tool will be able to assist you in generating a compelling offer, regardless of any complex requirements you may have for the layout and content.

The automation solution should be able to handle dynamic data and place it flexibly into the template and have the ability to display or hide specific sections when needed. For example, show or hide discount information based on user selection; to display services clarification based on the offer amount, etc.

A good document automation solution will do all of the above. Learn more about how Documill Dynamo can help you achieve this by booking a demo.

3. Contracts: Guarantee accuracy and a smooth approval process

Contracts often take longer than expected due to a lengthy process of reviewing and many stages of approvals. Shortening the contracting process demands instant provision of strictly accurate information, comprehensive terms and conditions, and a simplified approval process. And all this is made possible with a document generation App.

Specific terms and conditions can be pre-defined and appended to the contract at the document creation phase according to the offer or product specifications. Critical sections or the whole contract can be locked for editing for added security or fields that require editing can be made available. In addition, edits to certain fields can be recorded back to Salesforce bi-directionally, thus helping you to manage contracts and after sales activities better. Last but not the least, an e-signature is easy to integrate into such contract automation process for a speedy approval.

If you’re not already using document automation to shorten your sales cycle, check out Documill Dynamo on Salesforce AppExchange to learn more about the possibilities it can bring to you.

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