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3 Ways to Make Information Better Accessible in Customer Self-Service Portal

According to Software Advice™, a successful online self-service experience is dependent on how long the customer is willing to spend searching for an answer to their query and how easy a self-service portal is to use.

There is no doubt that customers want to access information fast. The better experience your business provides, the better chance you have delivering excellent customer experience.

As customers want customer self-service when it suits them (regardless of location, device or time of the day), here are 3 ways to create excellent customer self-service experiences and cater them to your customer.

Offer fast access to information

We all want answers to our questions insanely fast, whether it is about finding out where is the nearest petrol station is or to troubleshoot something. Speed is paramount when it comes customer self-service too, and technology should not get in the way of delivering this.

Hence if you offer speedy answers in a customer self-service portal, you’ll likely to receive fewer support cases your team needs to go through, but only as long as the access to information in such portal truly is fast. The definition of “fast” is debatable, but some studies say it is as little as less than 5 minutes that people are willing to spend finding the right information.

So whether it is the FAQ section on your website or a self-service portal, make sure it comes with a search functionality that meets the demand for speedy access to the relevant information, and that the search results are usable.

Display only relevant information

Another key area is to make sure your customers find information relevant to their search query. It’s all well and good to list all manuals for all the products your customer has bought, but the challenge comes in listing the ones that are relevant to their query at that time.

So, look at customized indexing not only based on the customer name and profile, but also in relation to their previous search history and content use.

Make relevant information identifiable

Making relevant information easily identifiable from the search results makes it also faster to recognize it. Some of the ways to make content identifiable include offering advanced filtering options as well as visually rich search results with full-page previews of the results and ensuring that the actual search queries are highlighted within the content found. Adding other visual cues for identifying the right results such as the page numbers for pages that contain the search keywords are helpful too.

If you’re looking to build a customer portal, take a look at Documill Discovery that enables excellent, customizable search-driven customer experience for customer self-service portals.

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