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5 Ways to Make Internal Approvals Painless with Documill Dynamo

Inefficient internal processes are a challenge to many sales teams with 45% of salespeople stating that excessive admin tasks do not leave enough time to sell.

When it comes to internal approvals, the last thing you want is your document to get stuck in a loop of chasing up different parties for their approval, bundles of comments flying everywhere and juggling between getting the approval to keep everything on schedule.

Keep admin tasks at bay with internal approvals by giving people access to the same document in Salesforce and by automating notifications for when a certain person needs to approve the document. Here are 5 ways how to make internal approvals a breeze with Documill Dynamo.

1. Keep track of every step

Want to see who has approved your document and who is yet to do so? You can view all this in Salesforce to get an idea how long until your document is fully approved. You’ll also get visibility into the edits and comments in the document so keeping a track of your approved documents is easy.

2. Automate notifications and workflow

Documll Dynamo can automatically notify approvers when a new file requires their attention or when a new comment/edit has been made to the document. You can decide the access level for the documents so if you’d like certain approvers only be able to edit a certain section, you can define this before generating the document in Salesforce.

3. Get instant edits and keep the document up to date

The beauty of using a document automation app for internal approvals is that edits can be made instantly within the approval process by anyone with the access level to edit the document. Say your legal team wants to change the terms, they can do so directly in the document so that everyone can see this change.

4. Eliminate version control problems

Revisiting an old version can be an important part of internal review process when everyone in the approval chain can make changes. But with a document automation app you eliminate the problems that come with manual version control. Everyone are approving the same version of the document, regardless of when any edits or comments are made – they are recorded and updated in the document in real time and visible to all parties.

5. Submit approved document to customer

Say you’ve created a quote using Documill Dynamo in Salesforce and needed internal approvals for certain things. Once your document has been approved, you can send it directly to the customer and even integrate it with an e-signature to get instant approval.

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