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A Look Ahead: Future Proofing Your Customer Experience

With the shift in the majority of consumers preferring self-service over contacting a company, it is vital that your customer experience strategy is geared up to this trend. Ease of use, time savings and convenience are some of the key reasons customers prefer self-service, but how do make sure your business meets these demands? In this article, we look at some of the things that will shape the future demands of customers and explain how to ensure your business is able to meet these demands today and in the future.

The rise of 5G

5G is bound to be 30-50 times faster than 4G (Verizon ) and in not-so-distant future, with the industry expecting the wider initial adoption of 5G technology in around 2020 (Cnet). So, 5G will incredibly fast compared to what we’re used to, meaning that people will become more accustomed to, and demand, access to information faster.

This will shape the expectations your customers have in terms of speed of getting support or finding an answer to their query. Whether it is a customer support centre or a self-service portal, with the increasing demand for speedy problem solving, your customer service tools need to be able to meet this demand for the ever faster need for problem-solving.

Customers want self-service

It’s not only the demand for speedy access to information but also the way they want it that will shape the customer experience of the future. According to Forrester, 72% US based online consumers prefer to use a website to find answers, rather than contact a company. With the rise of 5G, online commerce, and cloud-based services, you can expect the number to increase.

So self-service is on the rise, but not everyone feels like the systems supporting it are. Only 56% of those who used help or FAQ’s were satisfied with the service they received (source Forrester), meaning that the systems could, and should, be improved to ensure a greater customer experience.

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What can you do today?

If you haven’t done so already, now is a good time to start adapting your business to the major change in the way customers want to deal with you. The demand for customer self-service will be a key player in the customer experience you offer and you should not undermine the importance of a great user experience when developing the customer self-service infrastructure and channels.

An area often overlooked at, search and the ease of finding information, plays a major role in delivering excellent customer and user experience. When you need to be able to provide the customer answers to their queries in a self-service environment, relevance, ease of use and speed will become paramount to your service, especially when your customer data and documents may be stored in silos.

An advanced search app, such as Documill Discovery, integrates information siloed in different repositories into a single search in one UI, allowing you to give your customers excellent self-service experience. When it comes to exceeding your customers’ expectations, Discovery will do the job. It comes with clear visual page level previews of the relevant results and powerful filters for easy identification of the relevant information, allowing you to serve your customers better.

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