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A Round-Up of Our Most Popular Blog Posts in 2016

As the year draws to a close, here is a round-up of our ten most popular blog posts this year. So, read on for posts you may have missed or want to take another look of.

1. 36% more revenue, 30% less cost with document automation

How does document automation in Salesforce impact the bottom line? That’s the question we answer in this article where we look at what is the tangible impact of implementing a document automation solution and what the contributing factors are.

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2. The essential guide to document generation 

Document automation is a staple for those who want to close sales fast. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll go through everything you need to know to get started.

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3. DNA customer success story 

We’re proud to be part of delivering DNA’s, a Finnish Telecom operator, excellent customer service. In this customer success story, we share how DNA save an astonishing amount of time with document automation and achieved ROI in 3 months.

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4. How customer self-service communities drive engagement 

Self-service is fast becoming the preferred way of dealing with a business from logging a case to solving a problem. Engaged customers are often also loyal so here are some tips for building a successful customer self-service community.

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5. Delivering document-driven customer success with Salesforce 

To celebrate the impact of the Salesforce ecosystem and the release of an IDC study (according to which Salesforce will create nearly an outstanding 1.9 million jobs and add close to $400 billion in GDP impact worldwide over the next five years) we put together some of our customer success stories. Read how companies in telecommunications, manufacturing and in the airline industry use Documil solutions to succeed.

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6. Five steps to improving customer service experience 

If customer self-service is on the rise then what about customer service experience? It’s all tied into a great user experience of a portal, or just the interaction a customer has with you.

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7. Tune up a self-service portal for upselling 

Self-service portals are great for increasing loyalty, but they can also be used for upselling. And the good news is that it’s not difficult with the right tools in place.

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8. How to accelerate a sales cycle 

One customer has cut their contract creation time from days to minutes with document automation so it’s no secret that being able to handle sales related documents more effectively makes you able to close more deals in less time.

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9. Salesforce document management made easy: Dynamo MS Office add-in

This handy little add-in is what every busy sales person needs in their life. Want to edit Salesforce record data directly from MS Word? Or perhaps update a record from a spreadsheet? It’s a done deal with Dynamo MS Office Add-In. It’s also free so there is absolutely no reason to download it.

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10. Making your office paperless: 3 tips with high impact 

Say hello to turning your office paperless and not only decreasing clutter but also making it faster to accept, review and edit sales documents and contracts.

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