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Beware: Bad Content Management Can Kill Good Business

When working with online services, we often find ourselves clicking that shared link or embedded window – and get moved on in an instant to another service. And that is just good and fine – as long as it happens once or twice.

But often, when we just want to take a quick peek elsewhere from a service we are using, we find ourselves desperately trying to click our way back, many links and windows away from where we started from. And when it gets to the point, where we are constantly hopping between services and applications while trying to complete simple daily routines, it all easily amounts to downright frustration.

Customer satisfaction requires seamless content handling

Yes, it is the little things that count, and they count in terms of plain money. That was also the message of IDC, who found in March this year that glitches in document-based business processes:

  • Reduce employee productivity and increase operating costs: typically, the staff spends 36% of their time on administrative tasks and 64% on their core job function.
  • Impact customer experience, according to 63% of respondents. As much as 77% singled out gaps in automation and lack of integration between systems as the primary reason.

The latter point probably has the biggest impact on the bottom line. We all certainly appreciate great customer experience – or rather, take it for granted these days, and no doubt each and every service provider agrees.

The message is clear: great ideas make great services; bad customer experience kills them – or at least makes them fall far below their true potential.

Walk the extra mile to smoothen the “last mile”

And yet, we often have to cope with loosely integrated solutions that do not provide that all-important “last mile” in terms of the user experience.

Let us look at it from the perspective of business services. For example, having easy-to-use, fast search functionality for documents and data across different systems is vital. Without it, finding certain piece of content takes a number of searches, easily one within each storage application.

So the same query entered many times, generating equally many lists of search results one needs to merge together in one’s mind. That is far from optimal!

And does it stop there? No. What if one wants to view a few documents and compare them? Each of them will open in its own window, perhaps one in Adobe Reader, another in Word. And yes, even downloading them took a while, since the connection was slow.

Sturdy simple services that glue together big bold systems

It is these little things we are out to fix at Documill, to make things a lot, lot better. Better for users, service providers, system integrators, the whole community. For us, improving end-users’ lives is all about leveraging existing investments made, integrating and enhancing platforms already serving massive user bases, platforms such as Salesforce, Confluence and SharePoint. Our mission is to keep delivering solutions that enhance productivity by glueing those systems seamlessly together.

We ensure the all-important “last mile” of customer satisfaction – so you have what it takes to keep your business alive and kicking.

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