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Cloud negotiation solutions help tackle growing deal-making costs

“Business spend on a low risk contract from draft, negotiation, to signature, has increased 38% in the past six years, to an average of $6,900. Costs for a mid-complexity contract stands at $21,300 and [...]

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The art of negotiating contracts: different for teams and individuals 

In this age of specialization and consolidation of companies, contract negotiations happen more and more between teams rather than individuals. And those teams are getting bigger: a recent study found there are on average close to eight people on a seller's and close to six on [...]

“Time kills all deals”, they say. Or is it just bad negotiation management?

As the old wisdom says, “time kills all deals”. The longer the negotiation, the weaker its prospects to mature into a contract. But is time the real reason or just the primary symptom? In his [...]

Deals grow more complex. How to manage negotiations?

Recent studies show that contract negotiations are getting more and more complex. Crucially, the number of experts needed on either side is increasing. One driver is increasing regulation. Another is the rising portion of businesses’ [...]

Embrace customer relationships, trust and collaboration: add online contract negotiation capabilities into your CRM

"In our rapidly changing and highly competitive legal and business environments, earning trust is more important than ever — especially during contract negotiations as that may be the first opportunity for parties to work with [...]

As cost of negotiating contracts increases, new technology helps

When the costs of making business contracts rise, collaboration technology is coming to help in the shape of online negotiation solutions. The cost of making contracts was found to have risen steadily in an article [...]

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