An Innovative Solution for 360-degree Customer View - Capgemini Implementation

Kimmo Salmela · January 07, 2019 · 2 mins

Capgemini provided a customer with innovative customer service and partner center solution, complete with document management functions. Lead and campaign management were brought to a new level by setting up Salesforce’s Marketing, Sales and Community Cloud Solutions so they could provide a 360-degree view of all relevant customer data used by the customer-facing functions.

Documill Dynamo played a key part in the solution, as explained in this Capgemini’s own case study. (page 6), which we copied here word-by-word.


OEMs and retailers need one comprehensive platform to manage relationships with their clients and prospects. Only through a full integration of marketing, sales and after-sales processes can OEMs and retailers obtain a 360° view of the customer, and thus be able to interact with customers in the most effective and efficient way. Using artificial intelligence, the right content can be provided to customers at the right time through the right channel, using Next Best Action or Next Best Offer. Intelligent analytics further provides OEMs and retailers with the most relevant reports for decision making.

What we offer

We deliver value to our clients through end-to-end consulting, starting with developing the strategic roadmap of a customer engagement platform, to shaping the business processes and finally to implementing the solution in the customer environment. Thanks to rapid prototyping and agile methods we can quickly show tangible results based on prototypes. We bring innovative solutions and ideas ranging from process automation to artificial intelligence. Our change management capability can support the implementation of new customer management platforms, to deliver sustainable results.

Client case study

Situation: The implementation of a wholesale CRM solution for the German market enabling a 360-degree view was one of the key pillars in the client’s vision.

Solution: We introduced Salesforce Service Cloud with the third-party application Documill to provide an innovative solution for the customer service and partner center including document management. We set up Salesforce’s Marketing, Sales and Community Cloud Solutions to establish best practice lead and campaign management.

Benefit: The client was able to provide a more consistent digital customer experience based on a 360-degree view of all relevant customer data. They also replaced an existing service center solution based on outdated technology.

See Documill Dynamo in action

Would you like to see how Documill Dynamo enables solutions like these in real life? Just contact us for a demo and we’ll be glad to show you how – or download Documill Dynamo and try it out yourself with one of its sample templates.

Find Capgemini’s story here in the original brochure (page 06).

Kimmo Salmela

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Kimmo Salmela

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