Enhance Your Offer Doc with Beautiful Product Pictures – Easy as ABC

Kimmo Salmela · January 16, 2018 · 3 mins

We like the content of our customer documents short and sweet, so it can be learned as quickly as possible. Yet every detail that matters needs to be included. And we like to give the documents we send out a nice, professional look and feel, don’t we?

One way to make our quotation documents a bit more attractive is to add a picture of each product offered in them. This may even help to save those proverbial thousand words – quite many at least.

With Documill Dynamo, doing such thing is as easy as your ABC, especially if

  • you are using the standard Salesforce objects for storing the data featured in our sample document template
  • you have your product pictures added as related files to the products in the standard product catalog.

But if you have the pictures and the necessary data saved somewhere else in Salesforce, don’t worry. Mapping them to the appropriate field is still very easy with Documill Dynamo.

See how it works with just a few clicks

Do you want to see how it works in practice? Just download the free trial version of Documill Dynamo and follow these steps:

1. Open Salesforce and

  • In Lighting UI, click the Documill Dynamo tab
  • In Classic UI, click the “+” button in the top menu and select Documill Dynamo

2. Select Template Builder and desired environment (Production or Sandbox) to launch Documill Dynamo, then  Log in with your Salesforce credentials

3. Choose Quotation template with product images

4. Click Next and (when new window opens) Create

5. When the template opens, click the Test button, to see how it will look when enabled in Salesforce and (when a new window opens) choose an opportunity record from which test data will be fetched to the template’s fields.

Now you should be able to see the quotation document with the pictures visible and almost all its fields filled in (an example is shown in the figure below).

…And complete it with just a few more clicks

Would you like to make the template complete and available in Salesforce for users? To do this, you need to add some missing details (like your company HQ address and logo in the header) and adjust some settings in Salesforce. Just follow the steps in this article, while continuing to use the template you are using now (Quotation template with product images), instead of Simple Quotation template suggested in the article. An example of a final result is shown in the figure below.

Kimmo Salmela

Written by

Kimmo Salmela

Kimmo Salmela is a communications manager at Documill. Earlier on, he worked in several industry and solution marketing and communication positions at Nokia. Now Kimmo focuses on online collaboration technologies and their future prospects for businesses.

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