Generate Field Service Reports in Salesforce with Documill Dynamo - Easy as ABC

Dan Tam Nguyen · February 20, 2023 · 3 mins

A Field Service Report is a critical document used heavily in industries for on-site service personnel to track and record the completion of work orders. It provides a comprehensive overview of customer information, asset details, and the tasks performed by field service personnel. Following our blog Know your docs: Field Service Reports (FSRs) which delves into the purpose and significance of this report, this article (including a demo video) showcases the appearance of a Field Service Report generated by Documill Dynamo within Salesforce, from a field service personnel’s point of view.


Salesforce Field Service

A typical field service process

The Salesforce Field Service platform connects all stakeholders involved in field service – the field service team, contractors, and customers – to ensure seamless service delivery. When a work order is received, dispatchers have access to complete customer and asset information, allowing them to assign an appropriate personnel to perform the necessary service. This may include tasks such as inspections, installations, or repairs to address any issues reported by customers. Upon receiving a work order, field service personnel are dispatched to the job site. After completing their duties, they can easily generate a Field Service Report to document the specifics of their visit. This report typically includes details such as the services performed, materials used, hours of service, appointment times, location, and any relevant photos. In the end, generated reports can be saved and shared to other stakeholders like line managers and customers for approval and signing if required by the workflow.

A Work order record usually indicates:

  • Customer’s details
  • Field venue
  • Appointment times
  • Tasks to be done
  • Materials/products required to perform the service

Image 1: A work order record in Salesforce and Documill Dynamo custom button to generate a field service report

What Documill Dynamo does in Salesforce Service Cloud

With the integration of Documill Dynamo in Service Cloud, generating a Field Service Report is a simple process. All the end-users need to do is to click a pre-configured Documill Dynamo button on to generate the report in a matter of seconds.

Beside simply creating PDF reports, Documill Dynamo also allows:

  • Make edits where permitted (image 2)
  • Insert premade terms &conditions or any clauses to the report
  • Preview the PDF file (image 3)
  • Generate office output documents like .doc or .xlsx
  • Save/send documents to other stakeholders (customers, managers,…) (image 4)
  • The file to be e-signed by customers if necessary.

Image 2: Adding free texts to the report (in yellow section)


Image 3: Previewing the generated report

Image 4: E-mailing the report to customers or managers

Demo video

This demo video shows how it looks like to generate a field service report from the on-site personnel’s point of view.

What makes Documill Dynamo more favorable than other docgen apps for Salesforce?

Documill Dynamo is a Salesforce-compatible solution that enables you to create documents in line with your brand image while providing maximum flexibility to adapt to your business processes and requirements. It goes beyond simple data retrieval from Salesforce and template filling, offering advanced capabilities such as logic, conditions, formulas and user input forms to build customizable document automation flows. This makes it capable of handling even the most complex business processes and delivering customized output files. With Documill Dynamo, you can achieve all these tasks without the hassle of integrating multiple applications, connectors, and components inside Salesforce orgs.

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Dan Tam

Written by

Dan Tam Nguyen

Tam was once Documill Dynamo solution support and now is a product marketing specialist. She works on bridging the gap between technical and creative teams in Documill to create product messages for bigger audience.

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