How to manage your document process better? Digitalize it.

Kimmo Salmela · January 11, 2022 · 1 min

If you produce business documents at all – requests for quotation (RFQ), offers and contracts, for instanceyou already have processes in place for the purpose. They may be carefully thought out or something that has just developed over time naturally without too much attention paid. 

Now modern technology enables running many parts of the document process automatically. You can apply automation to your existing process where you see fit, either step by step or in one go. This happens by adding automated workflows to your business platform like CRM – in our case, Salesforce. No- and low-code solutions make implementation quick and easy. 

Before looking more closely at how the workflows do their job, let us bear in mind the key benefits from them: 

  • radically reduced time spent on human process management 
  • faster, repeatable, uniform document processes 
  • clearer responsibilities of the workers 
  • better overview of processes for better management. 

Indeed, Harvard Business Review found recently that 40% of managers struggle managing workers remotely – that is, online. Microsoft, in turn, found that online remote work decreases cross-group collaboration by around 25% compared to on-premises.

Learn next about how you can reconnect your office staff to collaborate. Or get more tips on empowering collaboration in our white paper. 

Kimmo Salmela

Written by

Kimmo Salmela

Kimmo Salmela is a communications manager at Documill. Earlier on, he worked in several industry and solution marketing and communication positions at Nokia. Now Kimmo focuses on online collaboration technologies and their future prospects for businesses.

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