New app enables document collaboration and contract negotiations directly from Salesforce – for richer, faster collaborative sales

Kimmo Salmela · September 08, 2020 · 2 mins

A new web-based collaborative sales app/service for Salesforce was announced by Documill. It introduces a completely new app type in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Real-time collaborative redlining & complete project workflows

Called Documill Leap, the service centers around an editor in which any number of users – internal and external – can redline and comment on the content of a document like a contract or Request for Proposal (RFP). It is accessed directly from Salesforce. Changes are recorded in real time, so all participants can edit the document at the same time and follow its progress.

Automated management with workflows

But there are other, more productive improvements for the project co-ordinator. By choosing and personalizing a workflow template, she can automate most of her routine tasks like sending invites, alerting participants to tasks and triggering electronic signing once the contract is ready.

This makes it easy for the person acting as the contract co-ordinator (often a sales manager) to keep track of progress, aided by dashboards.

Contract negotiations online in CRM

One key use case for the solution is to enable contract negotiations directly from the CRM of the seller. The collaborative editor makes reviewing and redlining contracts easy without face-to-face meetings. This is, of course, a major benefit in our current COVID-19 normal.

The negotiating parties can protect their privacy with features like exclusive commenting, which allows keeping sensitive information to one’s own negotiation team only. All redlines can be set to require approval from selected individuals, while electronic signatures enable quick closing of deals.

Meeting a need unaddressed so far

“We started developing Documill Leap after noticing that all contract-related services in Salesforce were about keeping documents in order on company drives. What little support there was for collaborative editing and negotiations online did not provide a good user experience.” says Mika Könnölä, CEO of Documill

Terho Laakso, the company’s CTO continues: “The existing document lifecycle management solutions already do a good job at keeping things tidy and in order. We decided to cover the most challenging part when teams need to produce documents: efficient online creation of negotiable contracts and other sales documents.”

Learn more about Documill Leap – or why not book a demo right now?

Kimmo Salmela

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Kimmo Salmela

Kimmo Salmela is a communications manager at Documill. Earlier on, he worked in several industry and solution marketing and communication positions at Nokia. Now Kimmo focuses on online collaboration technologies and their future prospects for businesses.

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