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Salesforce 4.0: holistic end-to-end document automation process for 2020. Are you there yet?

It’s now the very end of 2019. You must have known what is Salesforce CRM? Congrats if you’re using it, this is for you.   What is your current process of document generation and document automation within Salesforce? Is [...]

By | December 27th, 2019|Categories: Customer Experience, Development, Sales Enablement|

Why Document Automation Makes Global Businesses More Efficient

How long are you and your teams spending creating offers and quotes in Salesforce? Chances are we’re talking about days and not hours. Reportedly, 36% of staff time is spent on administrative tasks in the [...]

Case Management Made Easy with Automated Workflow

Customer expectation for service is growing rapidly as of the convenience of omnichannel communications nowadays. According to the 2018 Customer Expectation Survey by Gladly, the customer expectation for 2019 has grown rapidly  compared to the previous year. So how [...]

Close Sales Faster with E-signing and Dynamo Integration in Salesforce

Whether it contracts to open new accounts for banking, closing a field service offer for manufacturers or quoting for professional services, the speed of getting documents approved is crucial. The old way of printing, signing [...]

5 Ways Document Generation Enhances Customer Experience

Are you struggling with uncategorized documents in dealing with customers? Are you looking for ways to enhance your customer experience with Salesforce? Let's take a look at how a document generation can accelerate customer experience! [...]

Top 5 Documents to Start Generating in Salesforce Across Industries

Are you Salesforce users? Have you been considering Document Generation tools, or have you been using one already? Either way, we believe you will benefit from this knowledge sharing. We are revealing to you top [...]

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