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Kimmo Salmela · June 08, 2022 · 1 min

Piir IT - Talent Peaks - Documill

We are now fully in the driver’s seat. With the same team, we have significantly increased our productivity and the level of quality we offer our customers and professionals.

– Twan Swinkels, CEO, pitt-IT Professionals

Pitt IT Professionals is a Dutch company that specializes in the staffing of IT professionals. Their specialty is their tight focus on ensuring that the skills, technical expertise and personal traits of their chosen candidates make a lasting and satisfying match with the employers.

For this end, our Partner Talent Peaks created an end-to-end platform based on Salesforce to support Pitt-IT’s business to the fullest. The central component is Byner. It is an app that automates the core business process from a lead to the invoice. It is complemented by the Jobrock Recruitment & Marketing Automation solution as well the Sales Cloud CRM to drive sales. Document automation is provided by Documill, with SignRequest integrated to provide electronic signatures and Textkernel enabling intelligent searches and matching.

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Kimmo Salmela

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Kimmo Salmela

Kimmo Salmela is a communications manager at Documill. Earlier on, he worked in several industry and solution marketing and communication positions at Nokia. Now Kimmo focuses on online collaboration technologies and their future prospects for businesses.

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