Welcome to Documill – Flokart Blaku

Tom de Raad · May 23, 2022 · 3 mins

Flokart Blaku

Documill has seen considerable growth during the past year and with new business come new faces. In this series, we will turn the spotlight on those who have chosen to join Documill to further their careers.

Today we welcome Flokart Blaku – the latest addition to our Customer Support team.

Flokart is from Pristina, Kosovo. A city he describes as “lively, beautiful and busy.” Though my research had it listed as the ugliest capitals in Europe (Like this otherwise positive article by BBC Travel). Like many foreigners in Finland, he moved here to study and stuck around ever since.

As a qualified electrical and automation engineer, Flokart’s work has traditionally been truly hands-on: combining hardware and software to come up with automated solutions that truly improve efficiency. Think of solar panels that automatically track the sun for optimum coverage or voyage optimization for some of the largest cruise ships that circle our planet.

At Documill, we track contracts and data rather than large ships or the sun. In his new role as Customer Support Engineer, Flokart divides his time between creating automation and templates for customers, writing documentation, testing new features, and supporting sales with product demos. There are a lot of moving parts here too, except our hardware safely stays in the same spot.

Moving to Documill

From optimizing for the world’s largest ships to a slightly more modest office in Espoo. Why, you might wonder?

Flokart put it best himself: “When I saw the job ad, I was not sure if I should apply, to be honest. But then I went to the Documill website and I really liked the use cases, particularly that of Dennemeyer. I had also worked with setting up a CRM back in Kosovo, so there was some interest because of Salesforce as well.”

“So long story short, I applied, and [Documill CEO] Mika reached out quickly. The demos he arranged for me were very convincing and the atmosphere felt good. There was something decisive about Documill that made me decide to join.”

We are thankful that he did and, judging from our latest AppExchange reviews, so are our customers.

Automating (and more) at Documill

In practice, the customers at Documill aren’t any smaller and he still gets to optimize and fix issues “on-premises.” Except that on-premises is now inside a customer’s Salesforce installation and the automation is fully digital.

Together with fellow customer support engineers, he works on a wide range of requests for customers: From CV and shipment label generation to sales templates and quotations. Requests are varied and all handled through Documill Dynamo.

Some customers are looking for static templates that automatically get filled with Salesforce data, while others want the end user to input their own data. Then there are use cases with different endpoints and custom data or customers who require complicated calculations to be part of the templates.

Working from home

This work can essentially be done from anywhere and Flokart prefers to do his work from home. “Simply because I can sleep a little longer,” he confesses. Still, he’s close to his team with weekly calls with both the product developers and his CS counterparts.

What isn’t discussed in calls gets brought up over Slack, where he chats with his colleagues daily. “Dynamo was easy to pick up but hard to master which means that there’s always room to learn. Luckily, I have great colleagues who help me solve problems for clients…”

“… and I can’t highlight enough how good the atmosphere is at Documill. There is real transparency and openness at the company, which also means that the feedback is very honest.“

It’s incredible to me to consistently hear these positive comments without having to bribe anyone. Perhaps that is what makes working at Documill truly special. Either way, welcome aboard Flokart!

Tom de Raad - Product Marketing Manager at Documill

Written by

Tom de Raad

Tom is the Product Marketing Manager for Documill Leap. With 12 years of marketing experience for Finnish software startups, he’s business educated and tech curious. Tom is currently exploring the frontier of document orchestration.

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