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Salesforce careers at Documill

Our stories

  • Raúl Partida

    At Documill, Raúl will continue to build upon his expertise of partner management.

  • Yiping Xu

    Yiping Xu

    UX/UI designer Yiping joined Documill in September ´21 while completing his Master’s at Aalto University.

  • Huong Nguyen

    Huong Nguyen

    Curious and knowledgeable, Huong is the technical half of our latest marketing hires. Welcome!

  • Flokart Blaku

    Flokart Blaku

    In his role new as Customer Support Engineer, Flokart is the latest upgrade to our Customer Support Team.

  • Prakhar Sharma

    Prakhar Sharma

    Focused on content-creation and social media, Prakhar is the other half of our new marketing hires.

  • Eduardo Silva

    Eduardo Silva

    Last February, Eduardo jumped out of the plane into his new role as Sales Representative.

Open positions

  • UI/UX Designer

    We are looking for a battle-tested UI/UX Designer to own and develop the UI/UX of our B2B SaaS solutions. In this role you will spend most of your time defining, implementing, fine-tuning, and testing our UI/UX.

  • Engagement Lead

    This position comes with a nice mix of team management, project management, problem-solving and customer communication tasks which are best handled by having passion to understand customer-specific challenges.

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