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Case Management Made Easy with Automated Workflow

Customer expectation for service is growing rapidly as of the convenience of omnichannel communications nowadays. According to the 2018 Customer Expectation Survey by Gladly, the customer expectation for 2019 has grown rapidly

 compared to the previous year. So how can we meet the expectation of our customers? 

Not until recently  has Salesforce developed Service Cloud and input a lot of new features to help customer support agents communicate with their customers easily within one platform. Whenever a case is sent via email, chat or text message, it would be automatically created inside Salesforce. The agent will get an instant notification to get to work on it.

Whichever chat, phone or email, all communications happen in one place – Salesforce. With far beyond basic features of Salesforce, Documill Dynamo advances the email generation with automated workflow. 

Introducing email UI for service agents

With a friendly UI inside Salesforce, agents generate emails with automatic content based on Case type. The editable option helps to personalize the message sent to customers. Also, with drag and drop ready-made clauses base on frequently asked questions, agents do not need to retype everything again, just easily pull the answers from suggested resources on the sidebar. How convenient that is, isn’t it? 

Beyond simple document generation 

Moreover, generating documents is available if agents want to have a document version of the email or attach a contract for example. Agents can easily create a PDF document within the same UI without moving back and forth to the record and hit another buttonThis document will later be attached to the same email as an attachment. 

Advanced collaboration with compared versions 

Beyond the Salesforce standard approval process, Documill Dynamo Collaboration allows superiors to put comments, edit and save as a different versionAgents can later compare the versions to see what have been fixed. How cool is that, right? 

Collaboration module - compare between versions

With this new email automation feature of Documill Dynamo, agents using Salesforce Clouds would find the experience seamless with faster and more productive practice.

Is this the solution that you have been looking for, to experience far beyond what Salesforce can? Get in touch with us now to know how this solution can be customized to your custom objects.

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