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Airline Boosts Travel Agency Collaboration with Documill Dynamo

“Travel agencies have a lot to offer to us, but collaborating with them used to be too labor-intensive and costly on our side. Salesforce and Documill Dynamo helped us improve that radically. They helped us make a vital business model viable again!” – Big European Airline

One of our customers, a big European airline, noticed already in the late ‘90’s that offering flights directly to consumers – bypassing travel agencies – can generate huge savings. Come the early 2000’s, the company found as much as one third of its sales taking place directly.

However, with their specialized knowledge, travel agencies could still add value and reach customers better on many occasions. Only, dealing with them was costly, as it was very labor-intensive on the airline’s side.

Was there a way to bring the cost down?

Smoother contract data management with Salesforce

Much of the work entailed in collaboration with the agencies came from the production of contract documents. One had to be made on each individual transaction, more or less on a daily basis.

A hefty amount of variable contract-related data had to be kept up to date in many spreadsheets and other files. And each data point in an agreement was to be checked and inserted manually.

To make data management easier, the airline deployed Salesforce CRM system. With Salesforce’s dynamic databases, data maintenance became substantially easier and a lot of time and effort was saved by the sales staff.

How to eliminate manual data copying

But would there also be a way to make inserting of all that data into contracts easier? After all, the contracts tend to have a uniform content structure populated with similar data points. What varies are the values those data points take.

It turned out that there was a host of document generation applications available for Salesforce, designed to do just that: fetching dynamic data from a database to predefined fields in contracts and other documents. But which one of them to choose?

With Documill Dynamo, our airline customer could optimize travel agency collaboration by:

  • Reducing contract creation from several hours’ work to just one click
  • Saving sales representatives’ time
  • Speeding up contract approval
  • Safeguarding business by eliminating errors in contracts
  • Achieving high, consistent contract quality.

Complexities caused by multilateral contracts…

To make matters more complicated, the contracts between travel agencies and airlines often have not one, but many airlines united on one side. They work in an alliance to concentrate their marketing efforts and share resources by offering code-share flights to one another. On the other side, there may be a number of travel agencies working in collaboration. Thus, the agreements between airlines and agencies are often truly multi-lateral, which makes them complex.

…And complicated data

And the complexities do not end there: the contracts include also all kinds transaction-specific data, such as different price and client codes, incentives, discounts, fare discounts and passenger information. Then there are the agreement clauses, complemented by content like definitions of responsibilities and vocabulary used and so forth.

Dynamo makes it easy!

The airline was looking for document automation application with advanced functionality and versatility, coupled with ease of use. They found their ideal combination of those characteristics in the Documill Dynamo.

On one hand, Dynamo was simple to learn and use. On the other hand, Dynamo supported a variety of template creation methods simultaneously in a single template. This made it versatile enough to cope with the high complexity of the airline’s documents.

Consistency, quality, cost savings

As a result, all the sales staff now needs to do is click on a button in the Salesforce interface, and a whole document is created in an instant, to be sent to an agency or circulated for approval. This brings not only cost savings but also ensures higher consistency and quality of the documents plus elimination of manual mistakes.

The result: vital business model made viable

With Salesforce and Documill Dynamo, our customer found a solution to keep the cost of working with external travel agencies low enough for keeping it viable. With their specialized knowledge of the market and unique relationships with customers and many partners, the agencies have a lot to offer to airlines.

Did you get interested? Contact us to get a demo or download Documill Dynamo directly for a free trial.


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