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Documill Dynamo in Salesforce: An Airline Success Story


By implementing a document generation App in Salesforce, a OneWorld airline has been able to enjoy fast and a seamless travel agent and corporate contract creation process. What previously required a hefty amount of manual work and complicated spreadsheets with numerous variables to produce an agreement to partners, can now be completed in few simple clicks without leaving Salesforce. Thanks to Salesforce and Documill Dynamo, the sales team of this airline saves countless hours.

The implementation of Salesforce started a new era in the airline’s history in terms of customer relationship management. Salesforce allows the airline to manage their customer relationships more effectively, increasing loyalty and turnover from their corporate and travel agency partners.

Agreements with multiple addendums and the requirement for dynamic information

The number and type of addendums in the agreements between the airline and its partners vary from each other. The addendums depend on multiple variables creating the need for a solution that allows dynamic information in the addendums.

Different price and client codes, incentives, discounts, fare discounts and the number of passengers are all factors impacting the addendum output.

These variables previously existed in spreadsheets and tables which the sales teams would tweak every time they needed to produce a new MS Word agreement, spending an overwhelming amount of operational hours and exposed the agreements to manual errors.

Automated creation of agreements, running the addendum variables in the background

In order to maximise the return on investment from Salesforce, the airline decided to enhance their Salesforce with an App that would allow them to simplify the travel and corporate agreement creation process.

The goal was to make the process faster and easier for the staff to execute as well as mitigate any risk associated with typos or other manual errors.

Agreement creation for Airlines in Salesforce

Documill Dynamo makes airline agreement creation in Salesforce easy, with just a few clicks. To learn more, book a demo of Dynamo, or visit the Salesforce AppExchange to get Documill Dynamo now.

After evaluating the options, Documill Dynamo, a document generation App in Salesforce, became the solution of a choice as it allowed the airline to create even the more complex agreements with the right addendums easily.

The airline now generates quotes and contracts from the Salesforce UI in the “Opportunity” view. These agreements are based on a document template which has been designed to contain the full branding and areas for dynamic information, such as the price class and route details. The multiple variables run in the background ensuring that they are always correct and based on the data logged in Salesforce, making the process faster and easier for all parties.

Elimination of challenges associated with manual agreement creation and exposing them to the desktops of the sales team

As there’s no need to play around with loose spreadsheets and tweak tables in order to create an agreement with the right variables, the sales team are able to produce accurate agreements quicker than ever. And, as the addendums are added based on the choices at the document generation phase, the sales team does not have to rely on manual work to produce agreements and worry about having the latest information as it is always up-to-date.

This has increased the adoption of Salesforce within the sales team as they have started to see the tangible benefits of using the system. The partners appreciate the faster speed of creating agreements as well as the confidence in knowing the agreement details correspond to the CRM entry.

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