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Faster Customer Support with Document Automation


One of our customers is a leading European provider of inspection, testing, certification and technical consultancy services. The job of the company is to ensure that different industrial and other environments, equipment, processes and projects comply with all relevant legal, quality, safety and environmental requirements. As a result, a large number of documents – audit reports and certificates – is produced on a daily basis for customers, to summarize the findings of a field inspection visit.

Given the sensitivity of its business and trust required from the customers, the company wanted to get even better connected with them while promoting transparency. The ultimate goal was to make all interactions as easy as possible to the customers, at all phases of the customer journey.

To make this possible, the company deployed the Salesforce platform to support field service activities.

Salesforce was soon complemented by Documill Dynamo document generation application to enable smooth, automated production of documents.

Field inspectors as primary revenue earners

Salesforce serves as the centralized database for all customer data for the company. Stored there is also the data on the inspections that ends up in the reports and certificates, so that it is available for future use for anybody concerned.

Now information on all assignments with the same customer is available in the same account. This helps to co-ordinate the tasks. If there is, say, an elevator to be inspected and another similar assignment for the same customer will soon be due, both jobs can be done on the same site visit, provided it is within the scope of the same worker. This naturally saves time.

Earlier on, each product line had a siloed database of their own, which made things often complicated and time-consuming.

Linking Salesforce customer data with documents

When the inspectors are performing a field inspection, they can record data in Salesforce in real time also using a mobile device. Once the job is complete, they can generate with a few clicks a document and send it over to the customer. The certificate will also remain stored in Salesforce as a part of the all-important customer record.

Ready for the IoT future

Future will see more and more data coming to the company’s database directly from equipment installed in customer premises. The practices of making the inspections will change too: perhaps part of what today still requires an inspector’s site visit will in the future be done remotely via augmented reality and/or an unmanned drone.

In such cases, production of the documents needs to be fully automatic, too. With Documill Dynamo deployed, our customer is well on the way towards the connected business of the future.

Did you get interested? Contact us to get a demo or download Documill Dynamo directly for a free trial.


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