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HR company stabilizes document quality and processes with Documill Dynamo


A North-European recruitment company wanted to cut down the time it took to produce customer documents, as well as improve their quality and fidelity to branding guidelines. It found a solution that met its strict requirements in Documill Dynamo application, which was deployed on top of Salesforce CRM.



Generating documents like work offers and agreements was a major burden to the agents working for our customer. Template creation by the admins was equally challenging with their former solution, a semi-automatized application based on Microsoft Word on top of Salesforce.

In addition, there were customers who wanted to have their own branding on their documents, which in practice meant that quite a few variations of a single document existed.

As a result, the agents had to pick and choose the right template from a large library each time they started working on a new document. With a lot of manual work still left to do, it all required a lot of careful attention to detail to avoid errors.


Documill solution

The company decided to swap their old document generation application to Documill Dynamo, an online solution that supports advanced workflow automation. Now, when the agents start creating a document, they just click on a button in Salesforce and answer a few questions presented in pop-up windows to open the template they need. No more browsing through a large directory with cryptic file names.

From the start to finish, the document can be completed without leaving Salesforce, usually with minimum manual input. When it is ready, an approver will be notified to go and approve the document so it can be sent forward.

With Documill Dynamo’s extremely high output fidelity, it is no longer problem at all to render faitthfully even the strictest brand guidelines of the company’s customers.

The agents can now use a computer, tablet or even mobile device of their choice to complete their documents, whether it is Mac, Windows or Android. Meanwhile, also Mac-enthusiast admins can stick to their favorite computer.



What used to be a complicated and volatile process became an easy and stable one after Documill Dynamo was deployed. The key benefits were:

Increased customer satisfaction:

  • Higher document quality with minimized errors
  • Quick delivery to the right recipient
  • Better service to all customers
  • Tailored design & content for customers with specific needs.

Increased productivity by agents:

  • Smooth template selection procedure
  • Minimized manual work
  • Support for any operating system
  • Salesforce as the only document generation tool needed – no jumping between apps.

Smooth administration:

  • Conformity to any brand guidelines, own and customers’
  • Easy template design, editing and administration
  • Support for Mac and Windows computers.

Did you get interested? Contact us to get a demo or download Documill Dynamo directly for a free trial.

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