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JHL: Success Story with Documill

“We have lots, lots of documents, but now all is much easier. The number of versions to maintain has dropped significantly, and they are easy to access and share. This is all thanks to our current single-repository system, with the Documill solution at the heart of it.” – JHL, Finland 

Simplified trade union document management

Finnish trade union JHL wanted to increase productivity, eliminate errors in documents and improve collaboration by introducing one document repository for all its content.

A system integration solution delivered by Documill was the key to making it happen, with success.

Complex business, lots of documents

‘Complexity’ is the word that best characterizes the operating environment of trade unions. And for a union like JHL, Finland’s biggest, it can all get too much if things are not kept in check – especially with documentation.

When issues like union members’ working conditions and wages are at stake, a huge number of official decisions are made on the way. Everything must be put down on the record with accuracy, much of it in collaboration with internal or even external stakeholders, like representatives of government bodies and political parties.


Good solution, but how to make it work?

To tackle their document management issues in earnest, JHL adopted a Dynasty single-repository solution implemented on top of MS SharePoint. Still, publishing and managing documents in channels like the Confluence- based intranet/ extranet and the public website remained a challenge.

Channel-specific versions of documents would still need to be maintained. Even simple things like small content updates remained difficult to do. Uncertainty about the correctness of information in each version also prevailed.

Documill solution: the key to simplicity

Integration work was clearly needed, and JHL chose Documill to do it. Documill’s integration solution made it possible to maintain a single version of a document, while making it accessible in the relevant channels.

With its simple and familiar interface running on standard browsers, the Documill solution quickly started gaining popularity among the users.

Results: more, better output at lower cost

Considerable improvements in the staff’s productivity followed, thanks to:

  • Eliminated redundant work when creating and updating documents
  • Quicker document searches, aided by previewing functionality supplied by Documill
  • More effective collaboration, as external parties could view and also store documents in the JHL system.
  • Easier sharing of documents, thanks to the solution’s sharing links
  • Less time spent evaluating the viability of documents
  • Availability of content over a mobile connection.

By implementing a simple solution that makes things, well, just simpler, the Documill solution has provided real value for JHL.

JHL – Finland’s biggest trade union

Founded in 2006 in a merger of several smaller unions, JHL protects the rights of workers responsible for the public services provided by

  • Finnish state and its municipalities
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland, and
  • welfare services from the private sector.

JHL’s full name in English is The Trade Union for the Public and Welfare Sectors.

The biggest trade union in Finland, JHL has:

  • 230,000 members
  • plus-2500 professional titles held by members
  • more than 600 local branches
  • 11 regional offices & central office in Helsinki
  • 245 direct employees.

Justice, openness, and trust are JHL’s key values. In addition to national-level wage negotiations for its members, JHL has contributed strongly to the development of their overall working conditions.

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