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Leading Car Manufacturer Slashes Complaint Response Times by Perfecting Document Workflow


A leading European car manufacturer (and its customers) suffered an unreliable and slow complaint response process. To streamline and accelerate it on a global basis, Documill Dynamo was deployed, to introduce an automated response generation, commenting and approval workflow.


The manufacturer had a manual process for generating complaint responses. The agents dealing with the complaints created the responses one by one, without any systematic reuse of content, lacking a centralized database with proper versioning support. Circulation for commenting and approval happened also manually, giving space to mistakes and delays.

As a result, high enough quality and delivery speed could not be guaranteed for the responses, which put customer satisfaction and the manufacturer’s brand image at risk.

Documill solution

Documill Dynamo was deployed on top of Salesforce, to automate the generation of the responses and their circulation. It allows contributors to embed their comments directly on the documents without leaving Salesforce, while their superiors can approve them with minimum delay and fuss.

Salesforce provides a centralized database with automated version control for storing and archiving the responses, showing each step it took to complete them.

It also holds a library of past responses for reuse. Whenever an agent begins to create a new response, she is presented with a decision-making tree, devised by filtering, which helps her to drill down to any reusable past responses by prompting to select details like the make and the model of the car and some finer details.

The responses can be sent out via letters or emails, both of which faithfully follow the manufacturer’s brand guidelines, down to rendering its exclusive font.

To ensure smooth deployment, Documill also gave guidance and assistance in creating document templates, the workflow logic and the forms. Documill’s knowledge base and customer helpdesk are providing the customer with future assistance.


The Documill solution solidified and accelerated the automobile manufacturer’s response process, resulting in:

Higher customer satisfaction:

  • Fewer responses falling between the cracks
  • Higher quality of responses and fewer errors
  • Faster complaint responses
  • Guaranteed delivery to customers

Increased efficiency:

  • Manual work only where it really adds value
  • Fast and guaranteed internal delivery for comments and approval

Better data management:

  • Centralized access to generated responses with full history
  • Better insights to correct product weaknesses.

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