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Leading HR player achieves top output fidelity with document automation


Our customer is a group of recruitment companies that operates in six countries in Central Europe. It was facing severe complexity and quality issues in document production for its many subsidiaries. Documill Dynamo document automation solution was deployed on top of Salesforce CRM for streamlined document generation.


Generating documents like work offers and agreements was a major burden to the agents working for our customer. They were using a semi-automatized solution on top of Salesforce, with Microsoft Word as the document editing application. Often an agent had to produce documents for multiple brands, cover a variety of different document types and their variations and meet some customer-specific requirements in terms of the content and its presentation.

Because of all of this, there was a vast library of templates, from which the agent had to choose the right one for each new document. Having to use an external application to produce documents added further to the complexity.

As a result, the amount of work that went into producing a single document was just too much. In addition, just a careless hit on the keyboard could cause a dud in the layout, so there was no way to guarantee the quality of the output, let alone their consistency with the strict brand guidelines that many of the subsidiaries were enforcing.

Documill solution

When choosing a new document automation application, the key consideration for our customer was to find a solution that would make document creation easier and less time-consuming for the agents. Quality was another important concern, so our customer wanted to ensure full support for guidelines of each of its brands with the accuracy of a millimeter.

Documill Dynamo was selected for the job as it met all these criteria. As an online solution that supports advanced workflow automation, it allows the agents to complete their documents without leaving Salesforce once. To create a new document, they just must answer a few questions on the Salesforce interface to choose details like the brand layout and define the respondents and approvers for the document. No more hassle trying to find the right template among hundreds.

The agents can now work on documents using any computer, tablet or even mobile phone, be it Mac, Windows or Android. The same applies to the Salesforce admins, who now can cope with just half as many templates as before.


The Documill solution made the production of the recruitment-related documents much easier and faster and helped radically streamline what used to be a highly complicated process. It resulted in:

Higher customer satisfaction:

  • Higher quality of documents and fewer errors
  • Faster delivery to the right recipient
  • Meeting individual needs of specific customers.

Increased efficiency for agents:

  • No worry about finding the right template or conforming to brand guidelines
  • Support for any device and operating system
  • No need for application hopping; Salesforce is the only document generation tool needed.

Simplicity for Salesforce admins:

  • Number of templates cut to half
  • Capability to easily support different brand guidelines
  • Tailored design & content for customers who require it
  • Support for Mac and Windows computers
  • Conformity to relevant German Institute for Standardization (DIN) standards.

Did you get interested? Contact us to get a demo or download Documill Dynamo directly for a free trial.


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