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Manufacturing Success Story with Documill Discovery


By implementing Documill Discovery in its customer self-service portal powered by Salesforce Community Cloud, a European manufacturer of industrial investment goods has been able to enjoy substantial cost savings for every time a customer finds the answer from the portal and does not raise a tech support ticket.

Double-whammy: direct savings brought by better customer experience

The company needed a new, up-to-date customer document portal. As usual, the company’s targets were two-fold: to achieve low system maintenance costs and a better overall customer experience, especially by improving customers’ direct access to documents.

In this particular case, the two targets were connected in an interesting way: better customer experience in itself resulted in cost savings, though additional economies were achieved also through streamlining of business processes. Ensuring a better customer experience pays off!

Community cloud powered by Documill Discovery

The company chose Salesforce Community Cloud to serve as the platform in the project. While the Community Cloud was not originally designed for document storage purposes, its impressive data handling capabilities, versatility and easy customizability proved highly desirable as enablers of a high-quality user experience and reasonable implementation costs.

But there was one key challenge to be solved: an additional advanced search application was needed, so that the relevant manuals could be reliably found from the huge mass of documents, which were often long and written in many languages. In addition, the company wanted customized ranking of search results to boost latest material for customers

This was where Documill Discovery came in. Originally a search application on steroids, Discovery is well-suited for such a task, thanks to its flexible Salesforce crawling and sophisticated indexing capabilities.

Great match, great results: Community Cloud and Discovery

By introducing a customer document portal powered by Salesforce Community Cloud and Documill Discovery, our customer has achieved:

    • Better customer experience, resulting in lower service costs
    • Lower document repository maintenance costs
    • Quick document access anywhere, on any device
    • Role-based security for sensitive documents
    • Personalized document access and usage options for users.

Learn more and book a demo of Documill Discovery.

Search: linchpin to document access in portal

Search has largely become the number one tool for users to find content, whether from the web (instead of using bookmarks) or repositories (instead of scrolling through file manager folders). Search is often synonymous to access, and in Discovery’s case, very much so.

Crucially, Discovery’s search result ranking parameters could be fine-tuned according to the customer’s needs. This ensures high accuracy of search results and quick document access. Especially latest additions to the library and bulletins on them were given extra emphasis in the presentation of hits. In addition, users of the portal now have versatile options for tailoring the search criteria according to the use case.

Documents available anywhere, with any device

Designed to work on a standard browser, Discovery offers high-quality, illustrative page-level document previews delivered very quickly. It brings documents available on any device, anywhere. Clean interface design ensures that also usability of the portal is good on any device, even on a handheld smartphone. This raises the usability of manuals to a new completely level – with no changes to their actual content or layout.

Tailor your own manuals – and full library

Or rather, the documents can be accessed almost anywhere. Some of the installations of our customer’s products are on moving sites like big ships. They often navigate beyond the coverage of any network. Access may also be missing for other reasons.

For such situations, Discovery allows compiling new documents out of bits and pieces of existing ones and other files and downloading those. That makes it easy to create a compact emergency or travel library as a precaution for those situations, when things get rough and not even the network Is available.

Power of community: new life to existing content

So what does it all add up to? Well, business changes, technology changes, and those moments come along, when it is feasible to replace existing technologies with new ones. In our customer’s case here, traditional document management solutions gave way to Salesforce and Discovery, which together provided a clearly better user experience by enabling building a community around the documentation, accessible with any device, from anywhere.

Would you benefit from a similar solution for your customer service needs?
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