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North-European Housing Foundation Eliminates Cost of Paper


A non-profit housing foundation with more than ten thousand tenants in a North European country wanted to switch to electronic documentation from the old-fashioned paper. Documill Dynamo was its choice for the new solution, thanks to the solution’s easy deployment and versatility.


The foundation needs to produce and deliver great amounts of documents, ranging from rental agreements to repair announcements. Over time, it had become just too expensive in the traditional paper format.

It had proven too slow also. The document issuing process includes quite a few steps: creating the documents, printing them, then sending them out. In case of contracts, signing is also needed, either by booking a specific meeting or by sending copies back and forth via mail, which usually meant a few days’ delays at a minimum.

It also took the agents some time to create the documents: finding the right template among many, creating the document using a word processing application and adding manually the missing bits and pieces, including the customer-specific details and data points, which had to be copied from a database, as well inserting attachments when needed.

Documill solution

The foundation chose Documill Dynamo as a replacement for their manual solution. They had already adopted Salesforce as their CRM tool and Documill Dynamo comes off-the-shelf with tight Salesforce integration. Thus, it allows the agents to produce their documents without leaving Salesforce at all; no additional word processing tool is needed. The templates of the application are automatically connected to the relevant Salesforce objects, which makes them easy to find and select.

In addition, the flexible options for designing automated workflows around documents makes Documill Dynamo easy to integrate with an additional eSigning service and that is what our customer did. Documents can now be signed a matter of seconds and minutes instead of days or even weeks.

For Salesforce admins, the application’s online editor made creating and editing templates much easier. Fewer of them were needed, all of which could be saved in Salesforce and accessed with any kind of a computer that just has a standard web browser. Good news for Mac aficionados!


With Documill Dynamo installed on top of Salesforce, our customer could improve its document processes radically:

Increased customer satisfaction:

  • higher document quality
  • minimized errors
  • dramatically faster document delivery
  • easier signing of agreements.

Increased productivity by agents:

  • easy template selection
  • minimized manual work
  • support for any operating system
  • no need for external word processing tool – no jumping between apps
  • lower delivery cost.

Smooth administration:

  • easy template design, editing and maintenance
  • support for Mac and Windows computers
  • much less waste and money spent on paper.

Did you get interested? Contact us to get a demo or download Documill Dynamo directly for a free trial.

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