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Powering Up Salesforce for Global Field Services

A large European manufacturer had implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud with success. It soon turned out that the efficiency gains brought by it could be even further improved by empowering it with document generation capabilities. This would enable automating the production of field service offers for customers, who had deployed products of the company. Those include big engines for transportation to industrial purposes, for example.

The company saw also more and more customer data coming in directly from systems delivered to customers via the Internet of Things (IoT). Digitizing the document production would help to cope in the new environment, where the amount of data to be processed is already on a steep increase.

Global process that meets local needs

The company chose to deploy Documill Dynamo document automation application, which provided the right mix of versatility, technical sophistication and ease of use.

Dynamo has allowed implementing a global process for generating offers. The company’s sales professionals can now produce high-quality documents with a consistent layout by just clicking on a button in Salesforce – in any language that is used in the local offices of the company, from California to China to Chile. That has been a huge improvement from the previous practice, which required every document to be produced individually in the local office.

Better collaboration

When offers are created and prepared, all stakeholders from sales staff and management to servicing personnel and legal experts need to have the same information, so they can collaborate fluently to get the details right. Salesforce has made this process much faster.

When the details have been agreed, Dynamo can fetch them automatically into the document to be delivered to the customer. All versions of a document can be stored in Salesforce via Dynamo and the latest version is always easy to find. Before approval, a document has a clearly visible ‘Draft’ watermark indicating its status.

Efficiency and improved control for admins

Dynamo’s versatility makes it a great help to the administrators, who make the global templates.

It allows them to place dynamic content fields – ones populated with customer data from Salesforce – basically anywhere in the offer template, in a place where they naturally fit. For example, version number and country-specific contact information can be placed in the heading and footer, while the actual content can go into the body text.

Since Dynamo can follow the privileges provided to each user in Salesforce, administrators have full control over the document process.

Stronger customer connections

With the help of a simple language translation matrix, Dynamo allows producing the offer content in any language. In certain parts, sales reps have the freedom to change the wording so that it best suits the customer. Editing is possible with any device, also mobile, thanks to Dynamo’s browser-based editor. This made Dynamo a breeze to adopt for the sales reps – and the administrators, too!

Once a document is ready, it can be sent off with just one click in a ready-made email message in the appropriate language. But that, too, can be edited by the sales reps. They can also decide, to which level of detail the pricing information is shown.

As a result, communication towards each customer can be fine-tuned to suit their preferences so that higher customer intimacy is achieved. Still, quality and adherence to the company’s brand guidelines are in no way compromised.

In the meantime, hours and hours of work the sales reps had to do before has been reduced to a click of a button in Salesforce, thanks to Documill Dynamo.

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