Content Portal Design: can we learn something from librarians?

By Kimmo Salmela | September 14, 2016
Librarians have experience in making content available that goes back thousands of years, back to the ancient Egypt and even Mesopotamia. What they practise is […]

How to Perfect Community Cloud So Customers Find What They Need

By Kimmo Salmela | August 17, 2016
Salesforce based customer portals and communities are a great way to offer customers easy access to relevant information and documents. And in the world of […]

Tune Up a Self-service Portal for Upselling

By Kimmo Salmela | August 8, 2016
Self-service portals are a great asset for manufacturers, engineering companies and alike for improving their customer service and thus increasing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. […]

Making Your Office Paperless: 3 Tips with High Impact

By Kimmo Salmela | July 7, 2016
We Finns are certainly concerned about the success of our paper industry. It’s a mainstay of our national economy and accounts for some 15% of […]

Search as a Service, Anyone?

By Kimmo Salmela | October 29, 2015
Everybody offering their solutions to complement existing enterprise search deployments have encountered heavy resistance, if not to completely freeze selling efforts, at least to slow […]

Ten Good Reasons to Say No

By Kimmo Salmela | October 16, 2015
Documill has been offering its Visual Search solution to enterprises since 2009. When coupled with existing enterprise search solution, Documill Visual Search enables enterprise search […]

The Art of Selling Enterprise Search

By Kimmo Salmela | October 2, 2015
Every consultant and sales person selling enterprise search, be that software, services, projects or some combination of these – will need to be able to […]
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