Know your docs: Field Service Reports (FSRs)

Prakhar SharmaJanuary 20, 20238 mins

In this guide, we discuss field service reports, most commonly used in telecommunications, HVAC, construction, engineering, property maintenance, landscaping and transportation industries.

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The top 5 types of Salesforce document

Huong NguyenApril 11, 202211 mins

Discover typical types of documents often used in a business as well as the pros and cons of storing documents in Salesforce! Save your precious time better.

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How to reconnect people to collaborate

Kimmo SalmelaJanuary 11, 20222 mins

One common use case for document workflows is collaboration on B2B sales contracts that require many participants. Documill’s solution for the purpose allows people to work together seamlessly online, right in the cloud – within the Salesforce platform, regardless of their physical location. 

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