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Run your contract negotiations like a pro – it can make a huge difference in the terms

By Kimmo Salmela | October 15, 2020
What to do when the terms in the contracts you make leave you wishing – despite your good negotiation skills? How about trying an online negotiation solution?  There are […]

We are all on video calls. How to make the best of them?

By Kimmo Salmela | October 6, 2020
It is not just about COVID-19, though it has certainly accelerated the trend. As our data and processes have moved to the cloud, so have […]

Case: How Keerpunt performed a customer 360°

By Kimmo Salmela | September 29, 2020
For sales-driven companies, the days of a standalone CLM (contract lifetime management) platforms look numbered. So vital is contract data for sales and marketing that […]

Online collaboration on offers and contracts benefits both buyers and sellers

By Kimmo Salmela | September 23, 2020
The riskiest part in the sales of complex solutions – say machinery, telecom infrastructure or business software platforms – is when the parties lay down […]

Contract negotiations go online

By Kimmo Salmela | September 15, 2020
A new breed of contract creation solutions is entering the market: online contract negotiation services. Just recently such a service was also announced for the […]

New app enables document collaboration and contract negotiations directly from Salesforce – for richer, faster collaborative sales

By Kimmo Salmela | September 8, 2020
A new web-based collaborative sales app/service for Salesforce was announced by Documill. It introduces a completely new app type in the Salesforce ecosystem. Real-time collaborative […]
Email automation - case correspondence - customer service

Case Management Made Easy with Automated Workflow

By Kimmo Salmela | October 23, 2019
Customer expectation for service is growing rapidly as of the convenience of omnichannel communications nowadays. According to the 2018 Customer Expectation Survey by Gladly, the customer expectation for […]

When does Excel beat CPQ software?

By Kimmo Salmela | March 25, 2019

Poor Document Management Is a Major Productivity Bottleneck, Says Study

By Kimmo Salmela | February 6, 2019
How difficult is it to find the information and documents you need? What are our favorite document management applications? How good are we making our […]

Partnering with Documill Helps Capgemini Provide 360-degree Customer View

By Kimmo Salmela | January 22, 2019
Documill Dynamo played a key part when Capgemini provided a customer with an innovative customer service and partner center solution, complete with document management functions. […]

Add Images with a Click to Your Doc – Easy as ABC

By Kimmo Salmela | December 4, 2018
We like the content of our Salesforce documents short and sweet to make it quick to learn. And we want it to look nice too, […]

Fast Route to Advanced Sales Automation - Easy as ABC

By Kimmo Salmela | November 11, 2018
There is so much more to document automation in Salesforce than just pushing a button to automatically generate a document. An advanced application can help […]

Get That Workflow Right the First Time - Easy as ABC

By Kimmo Salmela | October 30, 2018
Sure, document automation is about making it possible to generate documents with a click of a button. No more human effort needs necessarily be involved. […]

Getting Started with Advanced Document Automation Workflows

By Kimmo Salmela | October 22, 2018
While automated generation of documents is quite everyday now, automation of the processes formed around documents offers a lot of unexplored opportunities. It is a […]

Salesforce Document Localization - Easy as ABC

By Kimmo Salmela | July 16, 2018
Do you need to generate automatically customer documents in different language versions in Salesforce? Even with CRM platforms as versatile as Salesforce, this has not […]

[Study:] Documill Dynamo Delivers What Enterprises Need

By Kimmo Salmela | March 6, 2018
In a previous article, we reported the findings from a study we just ran on document automation in the context of Salesforce platform. Our target […]

Choosing a Reporting Solution for Salesforce – 5 Things to Consider

By Kimmo Salmela | February 20, 2018
Data is interesting in that without context and explanation, it loses much of its value. The same happens, if we fail to get a good, […]

Need to Create Bespoke Account Reports with One Click? Build Your Salesforce Solution in 30 Minutes with Documill Dynamo

By Kimmo Salmela | January 30, 2018
Salespeople can benefit a lot from being able to quickly produce reports of all past and planned activities for a given account – especially when […]

Enhance Your Offer Doc with Beautiful Product Pictures – Easy as ABC

By Kimmo Salmela | January 16, 2018
We like the content of our customer documents short and sweet, so it can be learned as quickly as possible. Yet every detail that matters […]

Protect Your Company Data – Easy as ABC

By Kimmo Salmela | January 9, 2018
Oftentimes, companies would like to exert strict control over employees’ access to data as well as its transfer and storage. A study conducted by Vanson […]

Help Every Salesperson Communicate like Top Pro – Easy as ABC

By Kimmo Salmela | January 3, 2018
Not every salesperson is a natural poet – and yet, good communication skills play a paramount part in sales success. That is why deploying an […]

Keep Customer Data Safe – Easy as ABC

By Kimmo Salmela | December 21, 2017
When negotiations over a deal get tricky, more and more new versions of the documents related to it are likely to be created. Keeping track […]

The App Race Reaches The Cloud – Opens New Markets for Finnish Companies

By Kimmo Salmela | April 13, 2017
Documill’s Terho Laakso (above left) was interviewed last week in Finnish business and technology weekly Tekniikka ja Talous, together with Salesforce’s Patrik Ros (above right). […]

Can Automation Undermine Customer Satisfaction in B2B Healthcare?

By Kimmo Salmela | January 26, 2017
When speaking with sales and marketing professionals in B2B healthcare companies like device manufacturers, we constantly find that they face specific and extremely strict requirements […]

Manufacturing IoT: more data, collaboration and complex documents

By Kimmo Salmela | January 11, 2017
Each day, in just about every media, we are reminded that the great leap into the future of big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet […]

Internet Techniques for Top B2B Portal Usability

By Kimmo Salmela | June 14, 2016
A few years ago, Brian Sprague, then a senior executive in Accenture’s customer service and support practice, stated two key requirements for a portal: search […]

Overcoming Knowledge Gaps

By Kimmo Salmela | February 16, 2016
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