top 5 use cases for document generation in Salesforce

Top 5 Documents to Start Generating in Salesforce Across Industries

By Hien Tran | September 17, 2019
Are you Salesforce users? Have you been considering Document Generation tools, or have you been using one already? Either way, we believe you will benefit […]

How to Start with Document Generation in Salesforce

By Hien Tran | June 27, 2019
What is Document Generation? Document Generation (also referred to as “Document Automation”) describes the process of automatically forming documents based on ready-made template and conditions. With the […]

CPQ for Leading Manufacturer with Excel, Salesforce and Documill Dynamo

By Hien Tran | April 7, 2019
A leading North-European manufacturer of maritime technology needed to modernize the quoting process in one of its product lines. They chose to simply integrate their […]

When does Excel beat CPQ software?

By Hien Tran | March 25, 2019

Head Start to Top Productivity with New Documill Dynamo

By Hien Tran | October 11, 2017
Last week we introduced here a new, ‘browser-first’ version of Documill Dynamo for Salesforce and said that it begins a new generation in the evolution […]
Document automation in Salesforce for manufacturing

Document Automation in Salesforce for Manufacturers

By Hien Tran | February 21, 2017
Manufacturing is changing and new technologies are offering numerous advantages to manufacturers. Sometimes called Manufacturing 4.0, or Industry 4.0, the change is here to stay […]

How to Increase User Adoption of New Technology

By Hien Tran | July 25, 2016
Digitizing a business is on the rise, with the majority of businesses investing in digital technologies and 35% of technology executives investing in digital to […]

Choosing a Search App for a Portal: Key Features to Look for

By Hien Tran | June 2, 2016
In Microsoft’s State of Multichannel Customer Service Report, more than 90% of global consumers were found to expect a brand or organization to have a […]

Openness: Key to User Satisfaction

By Hien Tran | February 23, 2016
Do you offer RESTful APIs? That is a question we often hear. And that’s no wonder, as REST API has become synonymous to cloud services […]

Ten Good Reasons to Say No

By Hien Tran | October 16, 2015
Documill has been offering its Visual Search solution to enterprises since 2009. When coupled with existing enterprise search solution, Documill Visual Search enables enterprise search […]

The Art of Selling Enterprise Search

By Hien Tran | October 2, 2015
Every consultant and sales person selling enterprise search, be that software, services, projects or some combination of these – will need to be able to […]
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