Collaboration tears us apart. Why?

By Kimmo Salmela | January 14, 2021
In our last article, we looked at the ongoing drive to break the divide between collaboration and productivity solutions. Let us now look at another […]

COVID broke collaboration. How can we fix it?

By Kimmo Salmela | December 31, 2020

7 reasons why Sales unnecessarily wastes time

By Kimmo Salmela | December 21, 2020
Our partner Talent Peaks are a top specialist in implementing document generation in Salesforce. Read their tips on making their customer sales teams more productive […]

Deals grow more complex. How to manage negotiations?

By Kimmo Salmela | November 3, 2020
Recent studies show that contract negotiations are getting more and more complex. Crucially, the number of experts needed on either side is increasing. One driver […]

Embrace customer relationships, trust and collaboration: add online contract negotiation capabilities into your CRM

By Kimmo Salmela | November 2, 2020
“In our rapidly changing and highly competitive legal and business environments, earning trust is more important than ever — especially during contract negotiations as that […]

Run your contract negotiations like a pro – it can make a huge difference in the terms

By Kimmo Salmela | October 15, 2020
What to do when the terms in the contracts you make leave you wishing – despite your good negotiation skills? How about trying an online negotiation solution?  There are […]

We are all on video calls. How to make the best of them?

By Kimmo Salmela | October 6, 2020
It is not just about COVID-19, though it has certainly accelerated the trend. As our data and processes have moved to the cloud, so have […]

Case: How Keerpunt performed a customer 360°

By Kimmo Salmela | September 29, 2020
For sales-driven companies, the days of a standalone CLM (contract lifetime management) platforms look numbered. So vital is contract data for sales and marketing that […]

Online collaboration on offers and contracts benefits both buyers and sellers

By Kimmo Salmela | September 23, 2020
The riskiest part in the sales of complex solutions – say machinery, telecom infrastructure or business software platforms – is when the parties lay down […]

Contract negotiations go online

By Kimmo Salmela | September 15, 2020
A new breed of contract creation solutions is entering the market: online contract negotiation services. Just recently such a service was also announced for the […]

Why Document Automation Makes Global Businesses More Efficient

By Kimmo Salmela | November 5, 2019
How long are you and your teams spending creating offers and quotes in Salesforce? Chances are we’re talking about days and not hours. Reportedly, 36% […]
Email automation - case correspondence - customer service

Case Management Made Easy with Automated Workflow

By Kimmo Salmela | October 23, 2019
Customer expectation for service is growing rapidly as of the convenience of omnichannel communications nowadays. According to the 2018 Customer Expectation Survey by Gladly, the customer expectation for […]
5 ways to accelerate customer experience with document generation

5 Ways Document Generation Enhances Customer Experience

By Kimmo Salmela | September 25, 2019
Are you struggling with uncategorized documents in dealing with customers? Are you looking for ways to enhance your customer experience with Salesforce? Let’s take a […]
top 5 use cases for document generation in Salesforce

Top 5 Documents to Start Generating in Salesforce Across Industries

By Kimmo Salmela | September 17, 2019
Are you Salesforce users? Have you been considering Document Generation tools, or have you been using one already? Either way, we believe you will benefit […]

5 Must-Have Salesforce Reports to Power Up Your Sales Team

By Kimmo Salmela | May 27, 2019
Reporting from Salesforce data is a great way to get insight into your sales performance. In this article, we outline the top 5 reports all […]

Document Collaboration Easy as ABC

By Kimmo Salmela | May 7, 2019

When does Excel beat CPQ software?

By Kimmo Salmela | March 25, 2019

Six-click Wonder: Fully Automate Contract Creation, eSigning and Invoicing – Easy as ABC

By Kimmo Salmela | February 19, 2019
You have now negotiated that big contract to the last detail, and it is time to generate it automatically in Salesforce. So just click on […]

[Video:] Boost for Recruitment Industry with Document Automation

By Kimmo Salmela | February 7, 2019
What are the benefits of document automation in the recruitment industry? What kinds of use cases is it suited for? Turns out quite a few, […]

Poor Document Management Is a Major Productivity Bottleneck, Says Study

By Kimmo Salmela | February 6, 2019
How difficult is it to find the information and documents you need? What are our favorite document management applications? How good are we making our […]

Partnering with Documill Helps Capgemini Provide 360-degree Customer View

By Kimmo Salmela | January 22, 2019
Documill Dynamo played a key part when Capgemini provided a customer with an innovative customer service and partner center solution, complete with document management functions. […]

Survey: Choosing a document automation app; why and how?

By Kimmo Salmela | January 8, 2019
For which reasons do we choose a document automation app? What are the key criteria to select one? What kind of solution do we prefer? […]

Add Images with a Click to Your Doc – Easy as ABC

By Kimmo Salmela | December 4, 2018
We like the content of our Salesforce documents short and sweet to make it quick to learn. And we want it to look nice too, […]

Fast Route to Advanced Sales Automation - Easy as ABC

By Kimmo Salmela | November 11, 2018
There is so much more to document automation in Salesforce than just pushing a button to automatically generate a document. An advanced application can help […]

Get That Workflow Right the First Time - Easy as ABC

By Kimmo Salmela | October 30, 2018
Sure, document automation is about making it possible to generate documents with a click of a button. No more human effort needs necessarily be involved. […]

Getting Started with Advanced Document Automation Workflows

By Kimmo Salmela | October 22, 2018
While automated generation of documents is quite everyday now, automation of the processes formed around documents offers a lot of unexplored opportunities. It is a […]

The Easiest Document Automation App Just Got Easier!

By Kimmo Salmela | October 3, 2018
Over the last summer, we added a few new functionalities to our document automation application Documill Dynamo – and enhanced some existing ones, too. Our […]

Five Good Reasons to Translate Your Salesforce Product Catalog with Documill Dynamo

By Kimmo Salmela | September 18, 2018
Getting your product catalog (or price book) translated in Salesforce is paramount to your business if you need to address segments, even markets that speak […]

Translate Salesforce Product Catalog – Easy as ABC

By Kimmo Salmela | September 3, 2018
Whole product catalogues can be translated within Salesforce to support credible localization of products. However, this tends to be a bit laborious, as it requires […]

One Document, Many Language Variants: How to Do it in Salesforce

By Kimmo Salmela | July 3, 2018
Do you want to produce automatically Salesforce customer documents in different language versions in Salesforce – even ones with elaborate designs? In this article, we […]

[Study:] Documill Dynamo Delivers What Enterprises Need

By Kimmo Salmela | March 6, 2018
In a previous article, we reported the findings from a study we just ran on document automation in the context of Salesforce platform. Our target […]

How to Turn Salesforce Data into Actionable Insights

By Kimmo Salmela | February 6, 2018
In our modern enterprises, more and more we make our key business decisions strictly based on numbers and facts. And of course, we have lots […]

Need to Create Bespoke Account Reports with One Click? Build Your Salesforce Solution in 30 Minutes with Documill Dynamo

By Kimmo Salmela | January 30, 2018
Salespeople can benefit a lot from being able to quickly produce reports of all past and planned activities for a given account – especially when […]

Help Every Salesperson Communicate like Top Pro – Easy as ABC

By Kimmo Salmela | January 3, 2018
Not every salesperson is a natural poet – and yet, good communication skills play a paramount part in sales success. That is why deploying an […]

Documill Dynamo Clauses – the Most Lovable Library

By Kimmo Salmela | December 19, 2017
Last time when introducing a beautiful concept “Post-merge-edit”, my colleague Penny has mentioned the “Clause Libraries”. So what is it exactly and how does it […]

When One Size Doesn’t Fit All – Document Automation Easy as ABC

By Kimmo Salmela | December 14, 2017
Documents like quotations and contracts tend to have parts that have serious legal implications, for example, the terms & conditions section. While the wording in […]

The Meaning and Beauty of “Post-merge-edit”

By Kimmo Salmela | December 12, 2017
The dilemma of automation and personalization: A great advantage of Document Generation app’s for Salesforce.com is that the organization gets to design the template, ensuring […]

Money the Way You Like It – Easy as ABC

By Kimmo Salmela | December 7, 2017
Currencies can be indicated in a variety of ways and we all have our own preference. In our automated Salesforce documents, we may want to […]

[Infographic] 5 ways to Boost Your Team's Productivity in Salesforce

By Kimmo Salmela | December 6, 2017
What defines the most productive teams? We think right solutions and tools play the vital role here. You cannot always control the company culture or […]

How Efficient Is Your Email?

By Kimmo Salmela | December 5, 2017
In a previous article, we discussed the three priorities of sending documents via email to close the deal fast. Today, we’d like to introduce you the […]

Close the Deal Fast with the Right Email

By Kimmo Salmela | November 30, 2017
Email is a crucial tool today. It remains the most effective way to develop leads, maintain the existing relationship and close the deal. Sending documents […]

Send Documents Quickly in On-brand Emails - as Easy as ABC

By Kimmo Salmela | November 7, 2017
How to enable the creation of customer documents with one click and sending them out with another? Easy: try out Documill Dynamo’s email generation. It […]

Have The Date Your Way – Easy as ABC

By Kimmo Salmela | October 31, 2017

Four Ways to Accelerate Sales with Document Automation

By Kimmo Salmela | October 17, 2017
The new version of Documill Dynamo can accelerate sales in a big way. Ultra-easy to deploy, it marks a new era of document automation technology. […]

Head Start to Top Productivity with New Documill Dynamo

By Kimmo Salmela | October 11, 2017
Last week we introduced here a new, ‘browser-first’ version of Documill Dynamo for Salesforce and said that it begins a new generation in the evolution […]
Compliance in Salesforce

Professional Services Firms in Salesforce: Minimising Compliance Issues

By Kimmo Salmela | June 28, 2017
The rules and regulations surrounding various professional services firms from HR to auditing are short of many. Compliance is a top priority for many firms […]
Information in customer portals

3 Ways to Make Information Better Accessible in Customer Self-Service Portal

By Kimmo Salmela | May 30, 2017
According to Software Advice™, a successful online self-service experience is dependent on how long the customer is willing to spend searching for an answer to their […]

5 Document Automation Use Cases Guaranteed Your Productivity

By Kimmo Salmela | May 10, 2017
Do you not just love finding solutions that make you more productive in your day? From automating quotes and offers to automatically composed reports and […]
Professional services document automation

Document Automation in Salesforce for Professional Services

By Kimmo Salmela | February 27, 2017
Digital disruption in professional services is present in all areas of work from becoming more efficient with new technology to connecting and engaging customers in […]
Successful sales people

5 Habits of Successful Salespeople

By Kimmo Salmela | February 7, 2017
Being a successful salesperson is about working smart and making the right technology choices. By making few changes to the way you work, it will […]

How to Speed Up Internal Approval Processes in Salesforce

By Kimmo Salmela | December 13, 2016
Without a standard process for internal approvals, people may send out quotes and contracts without validating the content and what is being offered – from […]

Removing bottlenecks from travel & transport sales with document automation

By Kimmo Salmela | December 7, 2016
A 2015 study by Salesforce found that as much as 64% of the sales peoples’ time is spent on non-selling task – especially in the […]

Reduce Time to Resolution with A Self-Service Portal

By Kimmo Salmela | December 1, 2016
A growing trend in the field of engaging customers is building portals and communities for customers to help them find answers to questions themselves. This […]

Salesforce Document Workflows for CFOs/IT/Business Managers

By Kimmo Salmela | November 24, 2016
Workflows help streamline critical business processes. When set up according to an organisation’s business rules, they can be partially or fully automated to ensure compliance […]

Speed Up Sales to Healthcare Companies with High Quality Documents

By Kimmo Salmela | November 22, 2016
A recent paper by Deloitte states that overall complexity is likely to increase in sales of pharmaceutics and medical devices in the near future (“Delivering […]

36% More Revenue, 30% Less Cost with Document Automation

By Kimmo Salmela | November 16, 2016
More and more companies have implemented a document automation application in their Salesforce CRM. And why not, considering the competitive edge it provides to sales […]

How to Make Salesforce Fully Mobile

By Kimmo Salmela | November 1, 2016
Let us assume that you are using Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM over a mobile device. You’re visiting a customer, who has just showed you the […]

3 Steps to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Things Done

By Kimmo Salmela | November 1, 2016
Procrastination is a familiar issue to many. The avoidance of completing something that needs to be done is a time thief and we’ve all been […]

5 Apps to Drive Productivity in Salesforce

By Kimmo Salmela | October 3, 2016
Our behaviour is significantly shaped by our habits, so once we’re stuck in a rut it’s easy to continue doing things the way we’ve always […]

Tips for Dreamforce– How to Make the Most of It

By Kimmo Salmela | September 5, 2016
Plan your week Plan your week as well as possible, but don’t make your schedule too strict to allow for those opportunities and events that […]

25 Reasons to Go to Dreamforce

By Kimmo Salmela | August 15, 2016
As the event of the year draws up closer, the excitement builds up. You may not have packed your bags yet, but it’s not long […]

How to Increase User Adoption of New Technology

By Kimmo Salmela | July 25, 2016
Digitizing a business is on the rise, with the majority of businesses investing in digital technologies and 35% of technology executives investing in digital to […]

Contract Automation in Salesforce: Benefits for Admins and Managers

By Kimmo Salmela | July 18, 2016
Contract documents can certainly be a source of a lot of complexity in business processes of companies. Content creators may have a hard time pulling […]

Making Your Office Paperless: 3 Tips with High Impact

By Kimmo Salmela | July 7, 2016
We Finns are certainly concerned about the success of our paper industry. It’s a mainstay of our national economy and accounts for some 15% of […]

Less Routines and Stress with Contract Automation in Salesforce

By Kimmo Salmela | July 5, 2016
In many ways, contracts on business transactions are the backbone of commercial relationships. As legal documents, they state the terms of transactions the signees to […]

How to Mobilize Your Self-service Portal

By Kimmo Salmela | June 9, 2016
90% of consumers expect brands to have an online customer self-service offering, according to a Microsoft study; 60% of them said they have a more […]

How to Accelerate a Sales Cycle

By Kimmo Salmela | June 7, 2016
From prospecting to closing a sale, the speed of which you move between the stages can be crucial for growth. In this article, we share […]

A Single View of Customer Documents: How to Search Across Cloud Services?

By Kimmo Salmela | May 24, 2016
The increasing number of cloud services often means that customer data and documents exist in silos in different services. Regardless of what CRM you use, […]

Tuning up Salesforce for Telecoms Success

By Kimmo Salmela | April 28, 2016

Five Steps to Improving Customer Service Experience

By Kimmo Salmela | April 19, 2016
Many successful companies put customers at the centre of their businesses, but how do you go from good to excellent when it comes to customer […]

Get more out of Salesforce with Documill Dynamo

By Kimmo Salmela | March 23, 2016
Dynamo is a document automation solution which helps you to generate contracts, reports, and other communication materials from Salesforce data. In this article, we explain […]

What Makes Salesforce Great?

By Kimmo Salmela | March 16, 2016
Salesforce is well-known by its impressive level of customer success and it has been adopted by some of the leading companies across the word. In […]

Application Hopping Causes 50% Lower Productivity

By Kimmo Salmela | March 8, 2016
We think that constant switching between office applications really represents one form of forced multitasking, and the cost is equal: 50% lower productivity. Here’s our […]

When Poor Communication Plagues Teamwork

By Kimmo Salmela | March 2, 2016
Communication is crucial, yet difficult at times. How can today’s technology help? In this last article of a series of three covering obstacles to team […]

Overcoming Knowledge Gaps

By Kimmo Salmela | February 16, 2016

The Simplest Task Can Scramble The Best Brain

By Kimmo Salmela | February 10, 2016

Four Challenges To Team Productivity

By Kimmo Salmela | January 26, 2016
We certainly need to “focus on being productive instead of busy”, as Tim Ferris once put it. But how to achieve that in practice? Puzzled […]

Happy New 2016!

By Kimmo Salmela | December 31, 2015
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