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Close Sales Faster with E-signing and Dynamo Integration in Salesforce

Whether it contracts to open new accounts for banking, closing a field service offer for manufacturers or quoting for professional services, the speed of getting documents approved is crucial. The old way of printing, signing and scanning a document is not only slow but also lacks transparency in the process.

Our new Documill Dynamo e-signature module for E-signing provides a handy solution for business across industries where the speed of closing is paramount. The integration has been designed with advanced users in mind, giving them an easier and faster way to get their documents signed. Here’s how:

Add an E-signature tag directly into the template

One of the beauties of a document automation app is that you can use tags on templates which then pull the corresponding data from Salesforce. This ensures up-to-date data on your documents and makes it significantly faster to put together quotes, presentations, reports, etc. And hey, with the ability to work perfectly with ANY e-signing providers makes Dynamo the favorable choice that users don’t need to give up their favorite e-signing brand. Even if it is DocuSign, SignNow, AdobeSign or HelloSign, Dynamo can complement with all to provide an exceptional user experience.

With this module, you can add an e-signature tag directly in the template so that a signature placeholder box will automatically appear on the document generated by Dynamo. Users need to take fewer steps when approving the document with this E-signing placeholder, while:

  1. Ensure that the document is compliant (or ensure where in the document the signature needs to be)
  2. Automate the approval or signing process by using the business rules to trigger when and to whom the document should be sent out to or signed by, or assign the signing order.

The module allows sending out legally binding documents once they are signed, and tracking the status of these documents in Salesforce.

Offer better experience

The way your customers feel about you is largely dictated by the experience they have with your organization from personal interactions to anything as granular as the way your documents are structured. The ability to now have the e-signature area directly in the document adds to that experience and gives your customers a streamlined way to approve documents at ease.

With the module, you can become even more productive with Documill Dynamo in Salesforce and streamline your process of closing sales. You can get started by watching how we implement it or by booking a demo with Documill Dynamo.

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