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Close the Deal Fast with the Right Email

Email is a crucial tool today. It remains the most effective way to develop leads, maintain the existing relationship and close the deal. Sending documents such as quotations, contracts, and invoices via email is the most common use case our customers bring to us. Usually, they have three priorities; content, accuracy, and quality. Documill Dynamo can tackle all three, thus enabling our customers to build-up the competencies and efficiencies of their sales team, turning the most junior salesperson into a sales expert, with minimum effort.


A good email should brief the important content you want to communicate with your customers. Essential information such as delivered services, offered products, total amount, offer expiration date, etc. should be visible for readers to capture them quickly. Documill Dynamo takes those info straight from Salesforce and merges to the email template. With a click to the “Send” button, we ensure your customers receive all the details you want them to know at a glance, without worrying about mismatched communication, or wasting your time copying and pasting.


Which contact email address is going to be used for the email? Picking it straight from Salesforce leaves no room for error. By setting an email template, you can rest assured the content will be right every time and the attachment is always in place. One of our strengths is our flexibility so if you want to leave it open to your end users to add email recipients or personalize the email text that’s fine too.


Using the online editor our customers can create visually impressive email templates, like adding images and colour. You can create a layout true for your brand that will impress any recipient. Design skills, ability to use tools and detail orientations are no longer hindrance to effective sales processes. By enabling personalization of the documents and the emails we enable that vital extra opportunity for rapport building or reiterating something that came up in conversation but sat outside the Salesforce fields. Taking the best of automation and combining it with the value of bespoke.

Last but not least, what if you want to fully automate the quoting process, such as for a SaaS business? Stay tuned for the next article, in which we will introduce you how to achieve the 4th criterion of email: efficiency.

To test the combined impact of high quality quotations together with good email templates, download a trial version of Documill Dynamo right now and select a quotation sample template.

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