Contract collaboration: Richer collaboration with your customers

Collaborate with anyone, anywhere

Invite as many parties to the table as required, both from inside and outside your organization, and collaborate online. Third-party collaborators can join your projects without having to purchase additional licenses.

Experience contract editing designed for collaboration

Make full use of Documill’s online document editing capabilities, designed for collaboration. Keep comments private within your team, discuss terms directly in the document, and agree on changes by consensus.
Collaborate on approvals and esignatures

Access everything you need online and in real time

Work together in real time, all the time. The sales documents, and functionalities to work on the documents, are always available online. This increases compliance and speeds up collaboration while eliminating version confusion and the risk of signing the wrong documents.

Use any DOCX document as a starting point

Whether you want to use pre-approved templates, generate new documents with Salesforce data, or need to work on any other DOCX document, Documill will accept them all without the need for complicated content migration and re-creation projects.

Modernizing the creation of negotiable contracts

Empower teams to negotiate better

Run all your contract negotiations online using a collaboration-focused document editor with automated task assignment and a contract generator. Documill enables each team to discuss and edit a contract in private, before sharing their consensus-based changes with others.

Use predefined workflows or set up new ones on the go

Save time and ensure a standardized way of selling by using workflows that have been pre-approved. Or, in cases where flexibility is desired, set up your own workflows in just a few clicks. No coding required.

Get each contract signed in seamless fashion

By making e-signing part of the collaboration workflow, you can be sure that document you just assigned is the same as the one you were working on. Keeping everything in one place also improves convenience and keeps the total costs of your software stack down.
Multiple users can real-time collaborate and sign the online contract

Everything in Salesforce

Everything you need to start, monitor, and finalize negotiations from the familiar interface of Salesforce.

Integrate to leverage even more functionality

By integrating Documill with your favorite tools you can streamline business processes and operations to significantly improve productivity.
Documill integrations

Collaborate the right way