Self-service customer portals

Provide a fast, customer profile based access to relevant documents and reduce the number of technical requests by enabling self-service. Shorten the time it takes to solve customer problems and make all your documents easily accessible.

Fast information access

Give your customers instant access to the relevant information and help them find what they need from a large number of documents easily. Serve the search results directly in a browser with the search terms highlighted in page-level previews.

Personalized experience

Deliver a personal experience on every interaction. Tailor content and provide relevant documents based on customers, peers, colleagues’ actions and preferences.


See how Documill can power up your customer portal.


How does Documill make this possible?

Customised seach result ranking

Customized search result ranking

Serve the right documents and rank them based on attributes that matter to you such as document type, date of publication etc.

Preview and search terms highlighted

Provide high-quality previews directly in the search result with the search terms highlighted.


Track and analyse document performance from status, times it has been viewed and review progress to optimize customer self-service