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Delivering Document-Driven Customer Success with Salesforce

Salesforce and IDC released today an exciting white paper on the impact of the Salesforce ecosystem. Anyone using Salesforce knows that it fuels growth so it’s no surprise that the platform’s wider impact is huge. According to the newly released findings, Salesforce will create nearly an outstanding 1.9 million jobs and add close to $400 billion in GDP impact worldwide over the next five years.

So to celebrate this astonishing impact the Salesforce ecosystem has, we thought it would be a great time to share with you a recap of some of the customer success we’ve helped to deliver with Salesforce from telecommunications to manufacturing and airlines.

Telecommunications customer success with Salesforce:

Telecommunications is a highly competitive market where the quality of customer experience is a true differentiator. Playing a large role in the customer experience is the speed of customer support and the quality of customer documentation so we were thrilled to work with a Finnish telecom operator DNA who needed an advanced document automation system to complement its Salesforce implementation.

DNA chose Documill Dynamo, a solution designed to streamline telecom operators with their complex requirements for customer document layouts and output, to help them to automate the creation of complex offers in multiple languages with few clicks in Salesforce. The faster customer support not only translated to a better customer experience, but also to total cost savings of more than US$ 200,000 over 3 years and 250 hours of extra time for sales per month.

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Manufacturing customer success with Salesforce:

A European manufacturer approached us while they were building a customer portal powered by the Salesforce Community Cloud to ensure the relevant product documentation could be reliably found from the mass of documents stored in Knowledge Base. These documents included long manuals and were often written in many languages posing a challenge for effective discovery of relevant information.

The manufacturer was impressed with Documill Discovery’s capability in crawling Salesforce and its customisable document indexing capabilities. Documill Discovery now empowers the customer portal making it a true self-service portal with a flawless access to the relevant manuals, bulletins and more. As a result, the manufacturer has been able to enjoy substantial cost savings every time a customer finds the answer from the portal rather than contacts the manufacturer.

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Airlines customer success with Salesforce:

Salesforce offers airlines an unrivalled way to offer better service. After having rolled out Salesforce to empower their sales, a certain OneWorld airline also wanted to handle complex agency agreements directly from within Salesforce. In order to do that, they started looking for an advanced, configurable contract generation solution to power their agency agreement process to ensure speed and accuracy of the agreements issued to their travel agent partners.

So when this airline approached Documill, it was clear that the Documill Dynamo was the solution they needed. With the different price and client codes, incentives, discounts, fare discounts and the number of passengers all affecting the final document output, Documill Dynamo was able to handle these complex document requirements while helping the airline to produce agency agreements accurately directly in Salesforce. As a result, the adoption of Salesforce within the sales team has increased and the partners enjoy much faster turnaround for agreements.

Get Documill Dynamo from the Salesforce AppExchange.

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