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Digital Transformation: Lessons from the pioneers

Learn from the pioneers the challenges in digital transformation and how to overcome them. 91% of the respondents believe that these problems will impact the revenue negatively.

The challenges  

Recently, Mulesoft – a Salesforce company– has conducted a survey among 650 IT leaders from global enterprises, questioning about digital transformation initiatives at their organizations. The key goals for these operations to invest in these are to increase the efficiency in IT, to expand their businesses and to accelerate the customer experience. The survey indicates that there are three main challenges for IT people which are:  

  •     Data silos  
  •     Legacy system  
  •     And budget limitation  

Let’s break down these into details 

The details  

For data silo, it is a traditional way for enterprises to store their raw data. There are multiple data silos across an enterprise but not everyone has access to all. The problem they are facing is that they must transform all these data into one place to manage, streamline, and become transparent among departments. Therefore, about 83% of respondents agreed that the slowing process in digitally transforming these data silos into one place appears to be one of the main challenges.  

Legacy infrastructure is an outdated computer system. 59% of the respondents find it hard to introduce new technologies to their colleagues as they are already familiar with the old one.   

Crossing the budget limit is also one of the problems for IT leaders to perform a transformation. There has been a huge increase in the number of IT projects in 2019 (approximately 32% compared to last year) that 64% of IT decision makers find it hard to deliver all of them in a year. Also, they mentioned that if the digital transformation process is not carried out by scheduled, there will be a negative effect on revenue. 

The preparation for the future  

In fact, this report shows which approaches that big enterprises are performing in order to achieve digital transformation. Those are hiring new talents in IT to help them carry out the development, adapting application programming interface (API), using DevOps to improve efficiency and reusing software components. 

In order to get ahead of the market, enterprises that have started to adopt APIs and shifted towards agile software development with the reuse of assets, benefits increase in productivity, considerable agility and innovation. 

How Documill Dynamo can support?

Documill Dynamo provides Document Generation and Automation solutions for Salesforce users. With its optimal SaaS solution of pure browser-based UI and multi-tenant server side, how Dynamo can help to solve the challenges? 

As one of its unique advantages, Dynamo is pure browser-based, which means no client-side installation required. Dynamo itself is not related to any legacy systems. Solving data silos, in Salesforce, every data is brought to life with integrated relations and advanced logical organization. Dynamo, on top of that, helps with generating those data on visual documents to accelerate business process and enhance customer experience. Moreover, Dynamo team produces customized solutions to provide our clients with better experience before, during and after using the app. The perk of using Dynamo is no investment in maintaining and developing the app. Just leave it to the experts and enjoy the implementation! 

At Documill, we have co-created and supported our customers, from small to big size, with Document Generation and Automation solutions. If you are Salesforce users, contact us now for an initial consult. We are here to solve your challenges! 

About Salesforce  

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