Why use Documill Discovery?

Drive self service

Reduce the number of technical support requests and questions to customer care teams by offering a profile based access to relevant documents matching your customers’ search queries.

Find documents and preview them

Unique to the market, get high-quality, page-level document previews directly in the search result. Quickly recognize pages that contain the relevant information and identify the required documents in seconds.

Solve customer problems fast

Accelerate the time it takes to solve customer problems and make all your documentation in different repositories easily accessible.

Key Capabilities

Customized search result ranking

Customize search rankings of documents based on attributes that matter to you such as document type, date of publication etc.

Track and analyze document performance

Track quality status, times a document is viewed and review progress to further optimize customer self-service.

Share documents & document packages

Mix and match pages of different documents, create packages and share these by email.

See how Documill can power up your customer portal.


Superior user experience


How to ensure the relevant product documentation could be reliably found from a mass of documents, while building customer portals.


Documill Discovery is used to crawl various repositories with customised indexing, making it a true self-service portal with a flawless access to the relevant manuals, bulletins and more.


Every time a customer finds the answer from the portal rather than contacts the manufacturer, the manufacturer enjoys substantial cost savings.

Key Features

Discovery Feature List Included
Visual search results, high-quality online visual previews of the documents
Full text search for all the content
Powerful filters to narrow down results
Search result optimization: Stemming, case independence or dependence, compound word splitting, synonym library, etc.
Search from cloud services and content behind firewall
Fast and convenient way to offer mobile access to large documents
Users are authenticated using existing identity management systems e.g. Active Directory
Access to previews and data follows the access rights of the source system
Works with hundreds of different content types including intranet pages wikis and texts inside Microsoft PowerPoint™, Excel™, Word™ and PDF documents
Built around Apache Solr, the industry leading open source search engine


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