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Do More with Less: Save Time with Search Driven Dashboards

How many hours do you spend creating reports a week, month or a quarter? A lot of reporting involves manual work, getting data from different sources and sometimes even the idea of having to start to build a report can be overwhelming.

But it doesn’t have to be. In this article, we look at what search driven dashboards actually offer, the different uses for these and how you can build them using Documill Discovery.

One dashboard for content in different repositories with no common UI

When relevant content is spread across different repositories with no common UI, building a report of or an overall view can be challenging. Also, if the information varies by type; support tickets, news articles, and documents, it may be hard to show these in one dashboard.

When information exists in silos, it is difficult to build a dashboard for reporting purposes. Advanced search accesses these silos for you and gives an easy to consume, single view of what is happening in one UI.

Use Case: Search driven dashboards for client accounts you manage

When working in account management, it is important to be able to gather a full picture of your clients to truly understand their needs and how to serve them better. A search-driven dashboard is an ideal solution for this, when customer data is stored in various different systems and repositories.

By setting up a search driven dashboard, you can view items, issues and events belonging to a certain account in a single view offering the same view for all people working for that account.

There are numerous use cases for the search driven dashboards from building R&D reports to sales events.

If you think you could benefit from a search driven dashboard, get in touch to learn more about using Discovery to aid reporting.

Building search-driven dashboards with Documill Discovery

Building search driven dashboards is easy. The first step is to deploy Documill Discovery as a managed service into your appointed infrastructure. It is also available as SaaS, depending on how (and from where) different silos can be accessed. Documill Discovery then frequently crawls the connected repositories, and with automated search queries, pulls up the relevant information based on the context (account), right where it is needed into a dashboard view.

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