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From leading manufacturers to professional services providers, travel businesses and media companies. Here are some examples.

Build personalized offers quicker

Personalized offerings are becoming a must-have for business buyers, even consumers. Just deploy our Documill Dynamo app, link it with your Excel sheets for calculations and you have a fully working CPQ (Configure Price Quote) solution for your Salesforce.

Build personalized offers quicker
Person working in Excel with Dynamo

Use your favorite pricing tool

Your staff already knows how to use Excel. You have put a lot of effort in creating your configuration modeling in it. Why take the risk and effort of deploying another CPQ solution and giving it up?

Avoid staff retraining and reorganizing

During the CPQ deployment, your teams can continue working on customer offerings without hiccups. When all is complete, things will be like before, except much easier and faster.

Happy manager with less adhoc work

See how it all works using
CPQ with Excel & Dynamo


Use your Excel configuration and pricing sheets
seamlessly with Salesforce

Many companies still use MS Excel as their main solution to configure and price products. And why not? It’s familiar, versatile, easy and future-proof.
With Documill Dynamo you can connect it now with your Salesforce CRM and step up productivity.

  • Salesforce integrated CPQ

    Calculations and reporting are supported like in any CPQ. Even better, they are powered by Excel, the app designed for the very purpose.

  • Easy on end users

    Increase productivity – automate the most laborious and risk-prone tasks.

  • Simple low-cost deployment

    And if you already run Salesforce and Excel, the savings will be huge. No Salesforce coding needed.

  • Smooth low-cost maintenance

    Keep your calculations up to date with a familiar user interface by inhouse specialists. They come much cheaper than Salesforce developers.

  • Central storage

    Keep all your configuration files in Salesforce and rest assured they stay there.

  • Full version control

    This comes as a standard Salesforce feature.

  • Distributed maintenance enabled

    Allow each configuration and pricing sheet to be maintained by the product line and team best fitted for the job.

  • Security

    Control the editing rights of Excel files through Salesforce access control.

  • Automated workflows

    Expand CPQ workflows to include approvals using the same solution.

“66% of consumers* say they would be likely to switch brands if they are treated like a number instead of an individual, which means that just showing them a copy of the pricing sheet is probably not a great idea. To effectively address this issue, your business needs configure price quote (CPQ) software.”

*’Customers’ include here both consumer and business buyers

See CPQ with Excel & Dynamo in Action

Start now building personalized customer offerings quicker and more reliably.
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