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Documill Dynamo Clauses – the Most Lovable Library

Last time when introducing a beautiful concept “Post-merge-edit”, my colleague Penny has mentioned the “Clause Libraries”. So what is it exactly and how does it enhance the beauty of Post-merge-edit?

What is Documill Dynamo Clauses about?

Documill Dynamo Clauses, or as our common saying the Clause Library, is a Salesforce custom object that we provide when you install Documill Dynamo from AppExchange. The object is quite simple, with a couple of fields for Clause Name, Title, clause’s Category, Language, and its text. The idea for this object is to store pieces of text or article in which the content can be reused.

Imagine that your marketing team could draft several versions of company introduction for different context, your legal team could provide various descriptions for terms and conditions, and your product team could prepare know-how or troubleshooting articles in advance. Then your end-users, who are in sales or customer support team, will create the customer-facing documents and can utilize the ready-made content by drag and drop them to the document easily. It saves their time to create things from scratch while giving them the opportunity to edit the text for their needs.

Using the Clause Library is easy. The Documill Dynamo Clauses object is readymade, your Salesforce users only need to create a new clause record and add text there, like they do with other Salesforce objects. As a Salesforce admin, you can also edit the object as you wish, such as adding more categories, languages or define user permissions.

How does it work with the post-merge-edit?

To connect the Clause library with the document for drag and drop function, in the template settings, you simply select the “Advanced Editing Functions”. Then, your end-users will see the clauses and be able to search for the right one by using keywords and filters. End-users can drag their selected clause to the editable area in the document, and continue the editing if they want to.

Post-merge-edit together with the Clause Library makes it an excellent function that everyone loves to have in their document automation solution. Out of the best, there is no coding required to achieve this powerful functionality.

Try out Documill Dynamo. Leave your worry about branding consistency and manual content creation behind. If you are wondering how much you want end-users to edit critical content such as technical responses or legal clauses, contact us to find out more how we combine post-merge-edit with the approval process.

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