“60% of sales professionals say that collaborative selling has increased productivity by more than 25%,
and more than half (52%) say it has done the same for increasing pipeline.”


Complete solution for fast results, coordination, transparency, and automation.






Standardize with templates

Choose one or more pre-approved document templates for your project – like account plan, RFP, SoW or contract. You can also use 3rd party papers with all styles and formatting preserved. No content migration needed.

Streamline document processes with workflows

Define and deploy document workflows in minutes with Documill Leap’s workflow engine.

Fully integrated with Salesforce

Launch and track your sales document workflows and assign needed collaborators to the process straight in Salesforce.


Collaborate with all stakeholders – internal and external

Empower users and teams to collaborate across organizations. Documill Leap’s workflow engine manages and takes care of the invitations to all internal and external parties.

Seamless, efficient collaboration

Redline and comment documents simultaneously between all participants with Documill Leap’s real-time collaborative document editor. All changes are tracked and require acceptance of selected participants before they get resolved. This eliminates version confusion and shortens turnaround time.

Keep sensitive comments to your team

Keep cross-organizational communication between teams clear and secure. Visibility of comments can be controlled between parties. Start to negotiate online with confidence.


Transparent processes

Get clear view of the whole document workflow. Know immediately when to act if the workflow gets stalled or a deadline missed. Documill Leap’s workflow engine will automatically remind all stakeholders about open tasks and deadlines.

Task automation

Our workflow engine will automatically alert, track and require that all approvals are received before a contract moves on to the next phase. No need to waste time chasing people or sending emails back and forth!

Speed drives results

Get requests for changes from your managers instantly. Ensure a quick turnaround of corrections and speed up the final approval and signing.


Fully integrated e-signing

When every detail has been agreed between the parties, your workflow takes care of collecting all signatures.

Document delivery

Once the documents have been signed by all parties, they will be automatically delivered to the parties defined in the workflow as a package.

Partnership agreement customer signature

Take the leap to richer collaboration with your customers.




Keep your documents and templates together with other customer data. Create, store and access them directly in the world’s number one Customer Success Platform. Sign into Documill Leap using your Salesforce credentials and get notifications directly in your Salesforce task list or Chatter feed.

Slack and email

Are you using Slack for workplace conversations? Get all your alerts on documents directly in it, so you will not miss a single of them. Documill Leap can also deliver the alerts to any email application, from MS Outlook to Apple Mail.


If Google Drive is your content repository, you can also save your documents there and sign in to Documill Leap using your Google credentials. And of course, you can get alerts for tasks and changes directly in your Gmail.


Microsoft devotees can just store and access their documents directly in MS OneDrive or SharePoint and use single sign-on. Related alerts will come to MS Outlook, soon to Skype and MS Teams, too. Import and export MS Word documents without the loss of a single redline, comment or style.

Close deals faster with Documill Leap