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Documill Simplifies Localizing Automated Documents

For more than a hundred years now, we have been instructed to “think global, act local” in our international business activities. And we all have been happy to take heed so we can please our customers – at least as long as obstacles like fragmented technology solutions have not got in the way.

Unfortunately, some of the obstacles have been pretty persistent, like those encountered when localizing centrally created documents to individual markets. It has been doable, but not exactly smooth, not even in the current era of automated document generation in the context of Customer Relations Management (CRM) platforms. A whole library of language-specific document templates has been often required to make it happen. They would be edited one by one using an external word-processing application, not only by admins when maintaining the templates, but also by users when producing each document.

And true, this challenge has existed equally much for many companies operating strictly in one national market. More than half of the world’s countries have more than one official language. Switzerland has four; South Africa has eleven.


Making Salesforce a language-agnostic document editing tool

The Documill Dynamo document automation solution for Salesforce now changes all this with its new, inbuilt translation matrix. It allows Salesforce administrators to include the text of a document on a single template in as many languages as they need.

Each language has its own column in the matrix, listing the content sentence by sentence. Salesforce version control is fully supported for easy and secure administration.

Figure 1. Documill Dynamo’s translation matrix with (left to right) the keys, original text in English and translation in Finnish.

The matrix itself resides in the application’s Template Builder, which can be accessed with a browser on any device, be it Mac or Windows-based. Changes are easy to make as the texts in all supported languages are in the same matrix side by side – no more hassle trying to find the right section in the right version of the right template.

And if you need to add a new language? Just click to create a new column and add the new text in it.

Figure 2. The translation matrix is easy to access in Documill Dynamo’s Template Builder.


Ensuring superb user experience

As for the users, they can produce the document simply by clicking a button in Salesforce. If they are allowed by the admin to do any editing or choose between content sections, they can do those things in Salesforce, too.

They do not need to leave Salesforce at all when generating documents, which makes the solution very smooth to use.

Figure 3. Generating a document in a Salesforce object with a click of a button.


Clause library complements the solution

For longer text sections, the Documill Dynamo’s clause library comes in handy. A single clause can include an extended text in a given language, say a product specification or statement of payment conditions. It can span several paragraphs, sections, even pages, and it can be easily linked to the main document by means of a step in the template logic.

Figure 4. Clause library and individual clause (inset) in Salesforce.

Selection between clauses in different languages can be left for the end user or just fully automated by a Documill Dynamo workflow rule based on any Salesforce field value like account language.


Consistent high-quality branding guaranteed

Of course, a tool like a translation matrix can provide just limited relief to businesses, unless sufficient quality of the output is ensured. Along with a great user (& admin) experience, this is one key strength of Documill Dynamo. It provides millimeter accuracy fidelity of the output, together with all the flexibility you would need to make a document visually attractive and in line with even the strictest brand guidelines.

Figure 5. A quotation in English and its Finnish version, straight out of Salesforce with Documill Dynamo.


Benefits for your customers and business

Documill Dynamo’s new translation matrix can ease considerably the pain encountered in localizing content in multiple languages. The most direct beneficiaries are Salesforce admins, who now can much more effectively produce, maintain and administer templates. And yes, Salesforce users have it easier too, which also helps to decrease document production costs.

But the ultimate gains can be seen in the service experience of the customers, who can enjoy better quality, accuracy and reliability of documents. Probably quicker delivery, too!


See Documill Dynamo in action

Would you like to see in practice how Dynamo works? Just book a demo or download the application directly from the Salesforce AppExchange.

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